Types And Models Of Modern Chandeliers For Your Lovely Home

Is there something missing in your room? Who knows, a modern chandelier? Yes, these small (but significant) details make all the difference in an interior design. Especially when the intention is to create an environment full of style and personality.

Modern chandeliers have much more to offer than you might think. Continue here with us and find out more about this great decoration ally.

Types of modern chandeliers

Modern chandeliers are there to please the most different tastes, from those who prefer a cleaner look to those who like bolder models. Here are some of the modern chandelier models that stand out the most today:

Black modern chandelier

The modern black chandelier can have the shape and size you want, after all, what matters here is the color. Black is the color of sophistication and elegance, which is why chandeliers in this color are preferred for environments that, in addition to being modern, are chic.

The black chandelier is also a great choice for minimalist and industrial decor environments.

Modern pendant chandelier

Also known as luminaires, modern pendant chandeliers have the dome facing downwards and are indicated to create directed lighting. The preferred place for installing this type of chandelier is on the dining table, countertops, or side and center tables.

Round modern chandelier

The modern round chandelier is always in evidence as well. This type of chandelier has a circular shape, with some models very similar to interlaced rings. Another common characteristic of this type of modern chandelier is the presence of crystals or glass that guarantee a touch of shine and glamor to the decoration.

Chandelier Models

Modern chandelier for living room

In the living room, the preferred place for installing the chandelier is centered in the environment, usually above the coffee table. But it is important to be careful with the height of the ornament. The chandelier should be positioned at 1.50 to 1.70 meters above the table so as not to become uncomfortable and disrupt the circulation.

Another good space to add the charm of the chandelier, especially the pendant models, is on the side table, functioning as a source of directed light.

Modern chandelier for dining room

The dining room is the most classic setting of all for installing the chandelier and the preferred spot is on the dining table. The chandelier model should preferably follow and follow the table shape, for example, a rectangular table should preferably have a chandelier in the same shape, the same goes for square and oval tables.

Modern chandelier for bedroom

The room can also have a chandelier did you know? In fact, the piece guarantees a sophisticated and glamorous touch for decoration. Ideally, it should be positioned in the center of the room and a minimum height of 1.50 m above the bed so that there is no discomfort.

Modern chandelier for kitchen

The kitchen is another space that also has a time with the chandelier. The preferred place for this type of luminous accessory is on benches, counters, and islands, to promote special and targeted lighting, even facilitating the preparation of meals. Attention to height: it is recommended to install the chandelier in the kitchen with a distance of 0.80 cm to 1.20 m from the countertops.

Another important tip: avoid difficult-to-clean materials, since the kitchen is naturally a source of heat and fat vapor.

How about now get inspired with 10 images of beautiful modern chandeliers to live in? Check out:












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