Home Decoration – Tips for Choosing Crystal Chandeliers

Home lighting is thrilling yet a challenging project. The alternatives available are overwhelming as it needs to blend with space. However, you need to look around wide because there are lots of lighting options available.

First, consider the room you are going to install the chandelier. You can even create the room décor around the fixture, especially if you choose an adorable showstopper. For example, if the chandelier features vintage-inspired wood then add dining chairs that resemble that wood. If the chandelier chosen is brass then add brass-touches including a picture frame, candlesticks, or decorative statues.

Crystal chandeliers are pretty and you should check out Modern Raindrop Crystal Chandelier collection on Sofary.com. They have an array of remarkable and elegant crystal chandeliers suitable for the kitchen & dining room, bedroom, living room, staircase, hallway, and bathroom.

The rates are affordable as Sofary intends to offer their customers the luxury of decorating their homes with luxurious crystal chandeliers. They work directly with the craftsmen and so there is no middleman. Therefore, customers can choose chandeliers, which they found hard to buy because of the high price tags.

Before buying consider the following

Crystal chandeliers are lighting fixtures that carry an array of bulbs and are hung from the ceiling. You will find it in an array of sizes, shapes, and materials. When you go shopping for chandeliers choose the room/s you need to install, so you can buy a suitable one. The next step will be to measure the space to install. Even determine the room’s length and width to choose the chandeliers size.

Choose chandeliers that suit the space

The chandelier you select needs to add to the feel of specific room stylishness. For example, crystal chandeliers will look totally odd in halls of mirrors [Versailles] but if the place has dark colors then lights from crystals will complement the room beautifully. While looking for chandeliers consider the materials and hues that look obvious in the room. You can even look for a lighting fixture that suits your preference.

If you desire to keep your home look simple or traditional then choose the classic and simple chandeliers. It will offer an ancient look to space. For a classy look, you can opt for a contemporary crystalline pendant chandelier or the 3-tier round crystal chandeliers.

If the space is vast, then choose two chandeliers of small size and put them on both sides rather than a big one in the center. It offers an ideal brightness to space and looks elegant.

Position chandeliers perfectly

Chandeliers look classic in the bedrooms, dining room, foyer, entryways, etc. The placement chosen to hand the chandelier has to be ideal. It needs to grab attention. If you prefer a classic, then hang the chandelier in the center above the dining table surface. For unexpected styling, you can hang it a little off-center.

Depending on the spot you choose to install the chandelier, there are few rules to follow. While hanging the chandelier over the dining table, hang it 30” to 36” above the table surface. Another rule to bear in mind is – the higher the celling the higher the chandelier. If necessary, chains help to shorten and extend. For entryway ceiling 10 feet, the chandelier needs to hang above 7 feet and not below.


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