Twisted Detached House by Phidias Indonesia in Indonesia

Project: Twisted Detached House
Phidias Indonesia
2,152 sf
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Twisted Detached House by Phidias Indonesia

The Twisted Detached House is a wonderful modern dwelling located in Indonesia. This 2,152 square feet residence boasts a variety of spatial experiences that are well interpreted and executed. It was designed by Phidias Indonesia, the same studio behind the design of the Well of Light House in Bekasi.

Situated on a corner site, this house has two facades with one additional façade facing the corner. In general, this house provides a variety of spatial experiences that are well interpreted both in the plans and in the built form.

In the plans, the first-floor plan consists of a living room, dining room, one-bedroom, and compact inner court to maintain the natural light penetrating into the house. The second-floor plan, which is crossing above them, has three more bedrooms and two bathrooms. Those rooms have exclusive access to the small rooftop on the third floor.

In the built form or façade, the site’s corner is emphasized by twisting the second floor to follow the corner axis, creating a “detached” box apart from the first floor. There is a  black box massing on the second floor, crossing the site towards the corner. Each structural column has been aligned to hold the twisted massing on the second floor without interfering with the spatial quality of the first floor. It becomes a significant corner statement of the house that created to be “detached” or separate from overall massing, but still one integrated composition.

Apart from the corner strategy, this house has also a rich yet balanced combination of building materials and colors. By using terracotta rooster combined with textured white wall, some wood accent, and black color for the statement, this house presents a monumental dynamic masterpiece in the neighborhood.

-Phidias Indonesia


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