Tumblr Bedroom – How to Decorate With the Style of Social Network

The style became popular as Tumblr Room. This name (which sounds a little strange) refers to the social network Tumblr. Did you understand the connection? The site works as a blog where the user posts photos, videos, quotes and images on topics that are within their interests and, in return, also receives photos, videos, quotes and images on the same topics only posted by other users.

In short, the Tumblr room carries with it, through decoration, the essence, personality and true interests of the person who lives there. Objects are exposed in a similar way to publications on the network. For this reason, we see in this type of room many photos, phrases and images posted on the wall, stamped on the pillows and wherever else possible.

The idea is to reproduce inside the bedroom everything that is liked and shared on the social network. One of the interesting features of this room is that you can do much of the decoration yourself since the goal is to fully personalize the environment. And don’t think that this proposal works only in rooms for children and teenagers. On the contrary, many adults have already joined the idea.

Setting up a Tumblr room doesn’t have much of a secret, nor any rules to be followed. But a real Tumblr has some details that define it and set it apart from the rest. Want to know what they are? Then follow this article with us:

1. Photos

There is no social network without photos. Much less a Tumblr room without them. Have your selfies printed and don’t be afraid to use them in your room. You can hang them on a string, mounting a kind of clothesline, by the way, this idea is very common to be found on Tumblrs.

Another possibility is to fix them on a mural or on the wall. But, as we said earlier, in this style of decoration there are no rules. The sky is the limit. The most important thing is that your room literally has your face.

2. Phrases and quotes

Phrases and quotes are often posted on the Tumblr network. So, nothing more fair, that they are also part of the decoration. To do this, use catch phrases or words that represent you and your lifestyle. Pearls can come in signs, framed in paintings, printed on cushions and etc., etc., etc.

A tip: make a selection of favorite phrases and words and insert each one in the decoration of the room.

3. Colors

Colors are indispensable in a Tumblr room. Many people believe that the decoration in this style is more focused on black and white. The truth is that there is no rule, but a trend. This is easily explained. Neutral colors, such as black and white, are easier to fit into the decoration precisely because they combine very well with other colors, stronger and more vibrant. Therefore, the idea is to leave the colors vivid for details and smaller objects, while white, for example, can come on walls, furniture, and other larger elements.

But as there are no rules, you can use other colors if you prefer. Pay attention only to common sense and not to overload the decoration of the room.

4. Images

This item includes, for example, comic drawings, geometric shapes, drawings of stylized animals and plants and reinterpretations of works of art. Cacti and succulents are some of the images that are in fashion for this type of room. But, here also come drawings of fruits, flowers, and artists. Everything varies a lot in this type of decoration, just do not lose sight of the main thing that is your personal taste.

Think like that, what would end up on your social network enters your decor. Would you share an image of a cactus? If so, if it makes sense to you, then put it in your room.

5. Panels

With so much information, you will need a place to organize it all. One tip is to use panels. They can be cork, magnetic, wood, felt or any other material you prefer, as long as you can fix what you want in it.
The panels can occupy the entire wall or just a piece.

6. Plants

Plants are also the face of this type of room. You can bet on the trends of the moment which are cacti, succulents, and Adam’s ribs. But any other plant will do, too. Take care only with some species of plants that, due to their toxicity, are not suitable for growing in rooms.

7. Lights

These are the big stars of the Tumblr room and one of its main features as well. Widely used in this type of decoration, the lights can come in the form of lamps, lamps, flasher or LEDs.

With them, it is possible to create points of light in the room and visual effects that make it cozier. So, when building your Tumblr don’t forget the lights.

8. Simplicity

A very common thing found in Tumblr-style rooms is simplicity. The elements used in the decoration are often created by the owner of the room or, still, made of pieces reused and reused for another purpose. For example, a cup can become a cache power for plants, an unused frame can be used to put that perfect phrase or even a simple lamp becomes a decorative piece valued only by a support or a different wire.

The Tumblr room, like social media, is democratic and accessible. Fits all ages and adapts to all styles, tastes, and pockets. You can make incredible decoration without spending anything (or almost nothing). If you do want to splurge for expensive pieces, consider how registration loans can help!


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