8 Indoor Plants That Are Safe For Your Pets to Spruce Up Your Space

We all adore our pets and would do anything to keep them safe. When it comes to decorating our home with indoor plants, we must be even more careful. The greenery we covet out of our homes is because of the fear of what might happen to our little animal friends if they chomp on a poisonous leaf or petal. The good news we have to share is that cats and dogs can coexist with plants in our home, but with a selection of them.

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Even more beautiful news on the way! There are plenty of indoor plants that are actually safe for our pets and that can make them happy and healthy. We know that we got used to seeing so many magnificent plants on our fav Instagram influencers, but unfortunately, they are all toxic to pets. Sadly, this is the case with the fiddle-leaf fig trees, for example, but we can make a change and make other people aware of it. So, making an impact is still possible with one of several nontoxic varieties.

In order to make it super easy for your green space, we’ve picked out a few of our favorites! Now, you can create the tropical paradise that you’ve always dreamed of with your pet strolling around.

Air Plants

These are the nontoxic friend-plats to your pets, and they are so easy to care of. Just soak them for five minutes once a week or so, and they’ll be the new chew toy. With that being said, you might just want to keep them slightly out of reach. Your home will have a whole another vibe with these beautiful & petit air plants.

Spider Plant

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This plant because of its shape is already kept away from your pets. They are always in a hanging position, but that’s not a reason to be worries – the plant is completely safe for your furry friends.


Image Credit | Balcony Garden Web

This wonderful and pet-friendly plant will beautify whatever corner of your home you place it. It’s distinctive leaf patterns will bring beauty and uniqueness.

Ponytail Palm

Image Credit | Waitrose Garden

Can you believe that these funny, little plants aren’t actually palms at all? The cute name feels incredibly appropriate but they are part of the succulent family.


Image Credit | Mountain Crest Gardens

Do you have any idea where to place these rosette-shaped succulents? They look absolutely great as table centerpieces or anywhere else you might normally display blooms.


Image Credit | The Gracia House

With these resilient pet-safe beauties you will definitely give your pad a tropical vibe and a little color.


Image Credit | Urban Jungle

Orchids are safe and an elegant option, so you can get the modern look in your space. Speaking of pets they will be very happy around the orchids.

Christmas Cactus

Image Credit | Almanac

This plant here is the festive houseplant! Why? Well, because these sweet little succulents grow bright blossoms in the winter.


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