Travertine Marble Environments You are About to Fall in Love

The travertine marble is a natural stone and its color is pulled beige, so its use requires some care in time to match the environment. Its appearance has spots that follow the same shade of the stone (it goes from brown to fendi, following this language of beige). Travertine can be changed to a darker color, but it is usually used with its natural color.

There are three travertine models on the market, what differentiates them is the appearance of the stone and the price. Among them are Romano, Navona, and Nacional. About the finishes, you can find various types of details in residential projects to enjoy in your home. The natural rough has an opaque texture to be inserted without any type of polishing, it also has apparent holes. In resin, a resin is applied to discreetly solve the problem of the holes.

It is possible to work with the texture of the stone, which can be sanded, which is more common. Or it can be polished to look smooth and shiny. Travertine can be worked in different ways and cuts: plates, inserts, fillets or made to measure. It will depend on the proposal of the environment.

It is the most used marble in residential and commercial environments. You can see it in different places, from floors, walls, countertops, baseboards, sinks, etc. It is a beautiful and noble material, so its price compared to other coatings is a little higher.

To find out how and where to use it, we have separated some references to inspire you:

1. Marble on the Countertop with Two Bathroom Sinks

2. Marble on the Rounded Wall

3. Travertine Marble on the Wall with Plaster Finish and Lighting

4. Dark Travertine Marble to Line the Fireplace

5. Travertine Marble Covering Bathroom Floor and Wall

6. Travertine Marble on the Bathroom Counter with Decoration in Earthy Tones


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

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