The Top Reasons Why Steam Cleaning Your Carpets and Rugs is a Necessity

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You have probably gone to great lengths to make sure that your home is as beautiful as can be – you have chosen every single piece of décor and furniture, and you have been very careful when it comes to your home’s theme and colour choices. But there’s something else to be said about making sure that your home’s beauty and aesthetic appeal – not to mention cleanliness – is maintained. If you have carpeting in different areas of your home, then you’d have to make sure that the carpet stays clean and hygienic. So what’s the solution? Steam cleaning. Here are the top reasons why steam cleaning your carpets is a necessity.

What it is

Steam cleaning has become an increasingly common alternative to dry cleaning, for many reasons. But what exactly is it? In steam cleaning, as you may already guess, water which is heated to a very high temperature is applied to the carpeting, which allows for deeper and more thorough penetration into the carpet’s fibers. The temperature of the water is so high that it literally becomes steam, which makes for a more complete clean.

The top benefits of steam cleaning for your carpets

With dry cleaning, a lot of chemicals are used so that the carpet looks clean afterwards. But even though your carpet may look clean, dry cleaning doesn’t really get rid of deep-seated, stubborn stains and dirt. Since the cleaning isn’t as thorough or deep, the ‘clean look’ of your dry-cleaned carpet may well wear out after a few days, and your carpet will look dirty again. What’s more, deep cleaning makes use of harsh and strong chemicals which also have a tendency to wear down your carpet’s fabric and which may even cause the colors to fade.

The difference with steam cleaning is that all the stains in your carpets will be thoroughly removed. The hot water – steam – will penetrate all the way through to the bottom layer of your carpet, making for a deep, comprehensive clean. Additionally, many steam cleaning companies, such as an NYC carpet cleaning service like NYC Steam Cleaning, use only environmentally-friendly products which are not only beneficial to the environment, but are not harmful to your health, either.

If you have pets or young children, steam cleaning is a better solution than dry cleaning as well because it doesn’t leave behind any harmful fumes or residue which your kids or pets may inhale, causing allergic or respiratory reactions or problems. The hot water or steam is also guaranteed to kill fungus, mold, or dust mites, which can also lead to allergies and respiratory problems for the members of your household. With steam cleaning, the benefits are tremendous – and you’ll have better peace of mind knowing that your carpets are not only clean and beautiful, but your family is safe as well.


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