Top 5 Benefits Of Using PTZ Cameras In Your Home

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Would you like to keep a closer eye on property or business? Do you want to control your house when you are out of town? Using PTZ home security cameras with remote control enables zooming, viewing, and controlling them. Customers can benefit from numerous positive sides if they install these types of modern cameras instead of regular ones. Here are the main reasons why you should pay attention to them. Keep reading to know more.

Less blind spots & a larger field of view

Installing PTZ cameras let customers observe more area than a usual fixed camera can provide. Pan-tilt-zoom cameras can supply a full 180-degree territory view by panning from the side and tilting up and down. The visuals do not suffer as these cameras have great stabilization elements. The best PTZ cameras can even offer the total 360-degree view that is really essential for many objects. One PTZ camera can replace several fixed cameras in one spot. Besides, there is no need to choose an expensive PTZ camera with a wider field, as you can just pan a simple model. Customers can successfully use PTZ models in large areas like parking lots, farms, malls, and so on.

Motion tracking

While the most classic, traditional field-of-view cameras have in-built motion tracking as well, the best PTZ cameras offer more sweeping motion tracking tools. The tilt, pan, and zoom features can function with intelligent video analytics and motion tracking software to automatically track the target along a much more extensive area. It works great with vehicles, people, or a certain item. Some PTZ cameras can also manually track targets. Sometimes they can do it remotely when customers can follow the target in real-time and control the camera functions. You can operate PTZ cameras using your smartphone or web browser. It is easy to operate it with one click. Besides, you can install PTZ cameras into your smart home system.

Powerful zoom

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Pan and tilt words in the first part of the name cover a large field of view. But do not forget about the zoom part of these gadgets. Remote PTZ cameras have effective optical zooms, usually between 12x to 36x on high-end variants of cameras. This type of strong optical zoom provides sharp and clear visions and videos at long distances. This camera is also combined with high-resolution UHD or HD recording functions. That is why this feature makes it possible to observe faces, license plates, and almost anything very clear. These excellent PTZ cameras work great in large open areas like agricultural barns and vast parking areas. But you can also use them to guard your house and porch with the same effectiveness.


When most mid-range and lower-end traditional cameras do not have an auto-focus feature, almost all best PTZ cameras have this feature. It’s really great for house protection. The PTZ camera can automatically adjust and focus an image or video when panning, tilting or zooming. It will demonstrate focused and clear visuals where customers can see all essential details, people, vehicles, and so on. Classic cameras usually demand manual focusing, and if you move them, you have to refocus them again. Most honeyoptics cameras have IR sensors. It means you can use them in the dark and have a clear image too.

Can save you money

In general, most PTZ cameras are more expensive compared with traditional fixed models as they have more great functions hidden inside. The benefit is that they are more flexible when customers set up a system. One PTZ camera can replace 2 or even 3 traditional cameras in some situations. That is why you can save a lot. You can even not buy the model with high resolution as it has zooming features and can move. You can program a PTZ automatically. It will rotate and turn to offer a stable, wide view of a territory, utilizing built-in software functions and presets. These functions can save some significant money if you install the guard system. The best variant to track faces and save money is to combine a traditional camera with a PTZ variant. You will have a wide field of PTZ models and the high resolution of a fixed but cheaper camera.


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