Tips On Where To Use A Decoration With Lamps

From the land of Uncle Sam to the world: the clothesline is one of the biggest decoration trends in recent times. This enlightened trend came from the US and became popular around the world thanks to social networks like Pinterest and Instagram.

And if you’ve also been hooked by this beauty, stay here in this post with us. We’ll give you tips, inspirations, and ideas for making your own clothesline, come see!

Decoration with lamps: where to use


The preferred spot for the clothesline is the outdoor area. It was in this environment of the house, in fact, that this type of decoration gained strength. Therefore, it is more than free to use the clothesline on balconies, balconies, terraces, backyards, gardens, leisure areas, and gourmet spaces.


Modern boho, Scandinavian and industrial-style rooms are preferred for lamp-line use. In this environment, the accessory guarantees a differentiated and cozy light, perfect for relaxing.


The living room can also have a clothesline with lamps, especially the more modern and relaxed ones.

Parties and events

Birthday parties, weddings, and get-togethers of all kinds super combine with the clothesline lamps, especially in the case of outdoor events.

Types of Lamp Clothesline

Wire and lamps

The most common and traditional is the clothesline composed only by the wire and the lamps. This type of clothesline is widely used outdoors.


Another type of clothesline is the blinker. Despite being commonly used only at Christmas, the blinker can become part of the house’s decoration, especially indoors, such as the bedroom. Try, for example, using it at the head of the bed or around a photo mural or a mirror.

Decorated clothesline

The decorated clothesline brings accessories attached to the lamps. They can be paper flowers, polka dots, folds, among other decorations.

Check out the following 9 ideas for clothesline lamps to get inspired and do too:











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