Three Ways To Make the Art on Your Walls Really Work As A Design Feature

Adding artwork to your walls can be a great way to make your room look more interesting and draw attention to certain areas. Whether you choose expensive unique paintings, display your own artwork, or just like to have pictures that you personally like even if they are posters or popular artwork from chain stores, you can get more from the effect it will have as part of your decor by displaying it mindfully. Here are some tips for making your artwork really work, whichever room you decide to display it in.

Frame Simple Images with Stand-Out Frames

If you like artwork with a simple look such as modern colorful abstract paintings or black and white photography, then the frame that you use can help it to have more of an impact. Whether you decide to go for a frame that adds some block color as an accent to your room color scheme, or something more ornate, choosing frames that work well with the image inside them can double the effect of having a picture alone. Naturally, this doesn’t work for all kinds of artwork, and some things are best left to speak for themselves without an imposing frame. In many cases, though, the frame is as important as the piece when it comes to drawing the eye in your room.

Use Picture Lights To Enhance More Subtle Works

A second way to enhance how the pictures affect the look of your room is to buy picture lights that will subtly illuminate the artwork and make it stand out more. This can be especially important if you have oil paintings, where the colors will appear more vivid and the look of the picture will be drastically enhanced by the right kind of lighting focused on the artwork. You can find some great light fittings designed for this purpose but remember that it is important to get the right size to fit and suit your piece. A size calculator is essential for selecting the right size of picture light for your interior design arts.

Consider β€˜Negative Space’ Too

In design, there is the concept of negative space. This is the area around an object or design, which is considered to be as important as the piece itself. This concept is mainly talked about in things like logo design, but in interior design, it would mean the wall space around your artwork. How the piece of artwork breaks up your blank wall, and how it is displayed with other things on the same wall, create different effects using the negative space. It can be good to experiment with different places to hang your pictures, and whether to put pictures on blank walls or walls that have other features like shelves or different artwork.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when it comes to really maximizing the impact of artwork on your walls. Choosing the right picture is just part of the job of really bringing out the best in your interior design using pictures, frames, and lighting.


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