This Modern-Minimal House Design Makeover Will Make You Want to Live in Sydney

The best thing about this 100-year-old terrace in Sydney is that it has been transformed into a modern-minimal, light-filled residence. And at the end of it all, it still pays homage to its original heritage. When a Melbourne-based family asked for the Victorian terrace they have to be transformed into a minimalistic, yet modern home the architecture firm knew that it would be one of their most rewarding projects to date.

They wanted to preserve the 100-year-old architectural imprint, but to add a contemporary feel, which required careful mediation.

Design | TomMarkHenry

At first sight, the front of the home needed only minor work, but the rear of the property was a different story, it required a complete rebuild. To have an open-plan kitchen and dining room, it has an old breezeway on the ground floor that was used, with a four-meter skylight installed above to flood the space with natural light. All this gives the family plenty of space to entertain.

Design | TomMarkHenry

The once split-level space upstairs now is divided into two individual levels that are connected via a black-stained timber staircase. Here is the place where the bedrooms reside, complete with walk-in wardrobes and plenty of storage. The team of TomMarkHenry placed a huge emphasis on tone and texture, having in consideration that the owners are averse to colors when it came to selecting the fixtures and finishes.Β  The family was drawn to the fundamentally simple and beautiful homes of renowned British architectural designer John Pawson as their inspiration.Β  When speaking of the favorite feature they made in the home, that would be the original sandstone walls, that they discovered during the build. They re-grouted and sealed them to bring them back to their former glory.

Here is the photo gallery of the renovated home that we loved so much! Share your opinions with us, would you live in this place?

Design | TomMarkHenry

Design| TomMarkHenry

Design | TomMarkHenry

Design | TomMarkHenry


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