The Perfect Home for a Firearms Instructor

Your home is your sanctuary. With this in mind, you should design it to fit your personality and interests. After all, if your home doesn’t suit you, it isn’t going to feel like home. Today we are going to take a look at some decor ideas that a firearms instructor would love.

Choosing a Gun Safe

One of the best ways to keep your guns safe and out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them is to purchase a gun safe. For instance, to keep guns out of the hands of your children when they’re young or protecting your belongings from burglary. It’s also a great way to make sure your firearms are safe from disasters such as house fires.

However, these safes don’t need to be clunky or unattractive. There are plenty of handgun safes on the market today that can get the job done and fit seamlessly into home decor. You just have to know what to look for.

For one, you’ll want to consider the style of safe you want. If you want something mobile, you’ll want a standalone safe, but some recommend against this under the concept that if you can move it, so can a thief. If you’re interested in a larger home decor changes or more permanent options, safes with floor attachment or built into walls are great choices.

You’ll also want to consider the body of the safe before the extras such as locks and hinges. After all, these features don’t mean much if the safe itself is easily damaged. Many of these safes have a fire rating along with other specs of the safe body. The higher the fire rating, the better they’ll protect your belongings from concerns such as housefires.

A universal complaint among gun owners with gun safes is often that they wish they’d gotten something bigger. When choosing a safe, carefully consider size. Specifically, think about growth along with what you need to house now. Many gun owners will purchase new pieces over their lifetime and no one wants to make an investment as big as a gun safe every time that they make a purchase. So, it’s always good to err on the side of caution and get something a little larger than you think you need.

Firearm Display Cases

Many gun owners and firearm instructors are passionate about their trade and interests. As such, hiding all their weapons out of sight doesn’t necessarily make for home decor representative of their personality. To find a way to show off your favorite guns, you’ll want to choose the right firearm display case.

First and foremost, a proper firearms display case will have safety measures in place. They often aren’t quite as secure as gun safes but they do take measures such as locks. Contemporary gun cases also typically use materials such as laminated glass or polycarbonate to prevent cases being broken into via shattering a glass front.

Nowadays, you can find a case that fits your decor style no matter what that is. This allows any gun owner to personalize how they want to display their prized possessions. This is important because decor preferences are different depending on the person even if they share similar interests and occupation. This differentiation stacks up nicely as to blending personality and passion. These display cases are one of the best ways to incorporate your firearms into the rest of your home decor.

Concealment Furniture

While displaying firearms can be a great way to show off what you have, it isn’t always the route gun owners want to go. Instead, they sometimes want to keep guns out of sight as to not to tempt others into taking or tampering with them. In these cases, display cases and safes aren’t the best choices.

A better choice that is growing in popularity is concealment furniture. These decor pieces can be big or small and they have a compartment to store your firearm. A common option is bedside tables since they are easily accessible in the case of a home break-in at night.

There are also smaller options. Almost any decor piece you can think of can have some sort of concealment method anymore. Lamps, picture frames, and even decorative boxes on a mantle can be used to conceal a weapon. It’s all a matter of looking around and seeing what catches your eye.

The personality and decor preferences probably vary from one firearms instructor to another but the thread that ties it all together is having space for your firearms in the home. These differences are important – as stated earlier, a home should be a sanctuary to its owner. With tips like these, you’ll be able to store and show off your firearms while still leaving room for your personal flair and taste.


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