The Metallic Wall Paint Ideas You Have to Try to Brighten Your Home

When we say that this is one of the best ways to brighten up your home, then put your trust in us. We won’t let you fail and here is why. Many interior designers like experimenting with metallics, and that’s just another approval of the trend going on around them, and there is a good reason why. Metallics are ideal for bringing light and warmth into a space and they give the room an ultra-glam look.

Björn Wallander | Troy Campbell

We have some inspirational metallic wall paint looks that will grow on you immediately. That longing for a design solution to make your home more visually appealing is officially over! Let us prove why you can’t go wrong with these gorgeous interiors with luminous touches of silver, copper metallic, and gold accents, from kitchens to dining rooms.

1. Farmhouse Dinning

For a Connecticut farmhouse a metallic ceiling won’t be the first choice, but just look at this space. It definitely proves that the trend is indeed versatile.

2. Sophisticated Game Room

At this game room the metallic ceiling adds contrast to the sophistication that it has. That yellow tartan rug just completes the look to the whole space.

3. Polished Kitchen

This inviting kitchen boasts a metallic ceiling and adds a unexpected dose of glam to the entire design scheme.

4. Grand Interior

Troy Campbell

The metallic walls are beautifully unified with the muted and understated textures of the sofa and the chairs. Another thing that makes the room little more airy and tranquil are the floor-to-ceiling windows, The vibe is spectacular, makes you love the metallic wall paint.

5. Rich Purple Foyer

The gold metallic detailing needs something bold and rich to complement, and that;s the case with the purple foyer. This is the next level design that sets high standards when it comes to home decor.

6. Silver Beauty

Just look at the metallic moldings that serve as a finishing touch in this luxurious Upper East Side bathroom. Everything is sophisticated and there is no room for something less.


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