The Mediterranean Breeze Refined in a Charming Hotel in Italy

Can you already feel the Mediterranean summer breeze the way we do? If still not, we have the perfect place and destination to show you and to make you think otherwise. When you feel like yo want to get away or just to leave a particular place that is full of exclusivity, modernism, and minimalist pieces there is only one way. Follow your heart until it brings to the place where you would spend days of rest and appealing charm. These places make you feel like you can breathe again like they can give you the serenity and calmness that you seek. That’s why when vacationing the number 1 element is to achieve the fundamental objective – to disconnect.

The hotel you are searching for is Don Ferrante undoubtedly! It is located in the historic center of MonopoliBari in an old fortress, on the cliff overlooking the sea. You will find lime and stone cladding for terraces and facades that stand out with the blue of the water. This is one of the appealing spaces on Earth between the sky and the sea to relax.

On the other hand, let’s talk about the interiors a bit. They are dressed in stone in toasted tones that create a range in keeping with the white woods and pickled from the elegant period furniture. The bedrooms are spectacular and are from a stately Provencal style. So, a touch of romance and comfort is never too much, especially when the Mediterranean breeze is breathed from any place of their stays.

Get ready for the imaginary vacation in Southern Italy for a moment, while we show you the gallery of photos of the breathtaking view and perspective.


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