The Kitchen Trends for 2020 and Beyond are Here!

Maybe you have already itched to making some changes in your home. New decade, new home! Right? What if you start with the kitchen? Yes, why not, plus we have the perfect trending colors that will be IN in 2020 and beyond. Pantone partnered with Breville to announce the latest kitchen trends to look out for.

You will find rich vibrant color combinations, open floor plans with multi-functionality and so much more. Now let’s dive into each kitchen trend we can expect in the next decade of our lives.

Bold Color Combinations

Lately, there has been an invasion of white-only kitchens, minimalism and an increase in use of natural woods and colored cabinetry. Now, things are changing, and we are getting to see more color into the kitchen space, on the flooring, in cabinetry, appliances and is happening across the color spectrum.

A Mixture of Materials

There is a way how to create a visual interest in your kitchen, and not being in the traditional way of looking at kitchen design. Mixing different types of materials! Here we go! You can use concrete and colored tiles with gold and copper accents along with wood drop holes. You thought it was impossible, right? But with the right focus on what’s real, the natural materials can create a very authentic look in a very contemporary way.

Open Floor Plans

Esteban Cortez

Soon, the whole home is going in this free-flowing direction these days, so this is the way of letting the kitchen to be part of the rest of teh living quarters, where people can be productive and hang out, and yes of course, to share meal together.

β€œEmotional” Home Appliances

Do home items have feelings? Um, we don’t know – maybe? But we are sure that consumers should be investing in more kitchen appliances that will fulfill their needs emotionally. That can mean only one thing – buying into the softness, the design, and tactility, colors…

Art Gallery Vibes

Esteban Cortez

Those bare spaces in the kitchens should be filled with style and personality, whether it’s on the walls, the dining table, the countertops, or on the islands. Kitchens are spaces that more than just a cooking space and we see more and more people introducing their own style by a distinct design. The kitchens have been turned into an art gallery where your everyday products re being displayed in such a way that it looks like art!



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Author: Renata Kralevska

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