The Ceiling-to Ceiling Box That Your Bathroom Needs

What is a bathroom stall for? To retain the bath water, correct? But not only that. 

Nowadays this space is also synonymous with modernity and a lot of styles, thanks to one of the most coveted models of the moment: the ceiling-to-ceiling box. The shower to the ceiling is proof that no bathroom needs to be bland or just functional. 

Keep following the post to find out more about it and be inspired by all the tips and ideas we brought you. Come and see.

Types of the ceiling to ceiling

Opening the box to the ceiling

One of the most popular models of the box to ceiling is the one that has conventional opening doors.

In this type of box, one of the leaves does not move, while the other opens and closes from the inside out. Depending on the size of the bathroom, it may be possible for both doors to move.

However, this ceiling-to-ceiling box model requires a larger free area for opening the doors and is not suitable for small bathrooms.

Sliding box to the ceiling

But don’t worry if your bathroom is small. There is a solution for it too. In this case, the tip is to invest in a sliding box to the ceiling.

This model has one of the fixed doors and the other that opens by sliding along a rail.

The ceiling-to-ceiling sliding shower saves the bathroom’s useful area and doesn’t lose anything in terms of beauty and design.

Swivel box to the ceiling

Fans of sophisticated solutions will love the idea of ​​a pivoting box to the ceiling. The opening system of this box is the same as that of pivoting doors, that is, a central axis makes the door turn and open.

However, this is one of the models that consume the most useful area in the bathroom, both inside and outside the shower. Therefore, it is suitable for large bathrooms. 

Box without a door to ceiling

Another great box-to-ceiling option is the doorless model. Yes, that’s right. This model has only one fixed sheet that occupies half of the opening area, keeping the other part free for entry and exit.

This is a solution that has been frequently adopted due to the lower cost. Also, it represents a more stripped and modern look. 

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Author: Renata Kralevska

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