The Best Wall Art For The Living Room

The living room is an important place. It is where you spend unwinding time with your family and friends. Many elements that make a living room cozy, such as furniture, appliances, and wall art decor, are at the top of the list.

The wall art sets the tone for your living room. It showcases what’s dear to you and can act as a constant reminder of things you want to be reminded of. Therefore, we have gathered the best wall art for the living room that will help you set up the perfect art for your space.

Let’s discuss them in detail.

The Best Wall Art For Living Room

  1. Abstract Art

If you are looking to create a unique and calm look in your living room, then abstract art is just like a conversation starter. This piece gives your guests something new to see and talk about. If you don’t know how to choose them, find a piece with calming colors or simple forms. You can also choose artwork that’s really bold in color.

  1. Landscapes

Landscape art would be a great choice for a classic and elegant look for your living rooms, as it can bring the beauty of nature indoors and create a calming or inspiring atmosphere. Close-ups of gardens, deserts, and forests make a landscape look even more sophisticated. This can be a good option for smaller rooms or to create a cozy atmosphere.

  1. Pop Art

Pop art is a fantastic way to give any living room a little personality. However, it is difficult to pick items that go well with your existing decor. Pop art is known for its use of bold, eye-catching colors and graphic elements, like Ben-Day dots and thick outlining. This helped create a sense of energy and excitement, reflecting the consumerist culture of this time.

  1. Watercolor Canvas

Watercolor canvas art is an excellent choice for your living room. It gives a touch of softness, elegance, and uniqueness to the space. A frame adds more beauty because an attractive frame complements the artwork and blends well with the rest of the decor. Combining watercolor canvas art with other pictures and prints would look energetic.

  1. Botanical Prints

Botanical prints are an adaptable and vibrant way to add personality and character to your space. If you are an indoor plant lover and have serval plants already in the setting, then having a large botanical art on your wall will perfectly go with your room’s aesthetic. Theme colors that go with green art are leather brown and gold yellow.

  1. Animal Prints

Animal prints have a subtle charm that will make your home look better! Whether it is a gorgeous gallery wall with donkeys, long horns, cows, or dеsеrt animals, a striking large print will make your walls come to life.

  1. Minimalist Art

Minimalist art is a great option for anyone looking to give their space a calming, comforting, modern, and lovely feel. If you embrace muted colors, simple lines, and shapes, then you should go with minimal art. It gives your room a contemporary Scandinavian look. This art usually contains modern and sophisticated designs with geometric shapes and lines.

  1. Vintage Prints

These art prints add nostalgia and a historical feel to your room. The art is perfect for an antique French or vintage English look. So for those who are into classically inspired decor for the living room, these art prints are the go-to option at a reasonable cost.

  1. Cacti Prints

The unexpected charm and raw beauty of the dеsеrt cacti will enhance your living room’s style. You can use spiky succulent art prints in both modern and cozy spaces, so forget about their prickly stereotypes. Cacti prints can add a touch of whimsy to any space, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

  1. Textured Art

Texture art is visually interesting as it adds dimensions and depth to the art piece. It creates a tactile experience for the viewer. This type of art can go well with modern, traditional, or eclectic decor. Artists often use texture to convey emotions or create a specific atmosphere, so this art initiates a closer connection with users. Having one in your living room gives your space a focal point.

  1. Monotone Prints

Adding monotone prints to your living room decor achieves a chic and classic look. Hanging black and white monotone prints interspersed with definitions of versatile key terms will indicate your life, where visitors to your home can see the dramatic and mysterious journey of your life.

  1. 3D Art

Depending on your taste and the genre you select, 3D art can bring a little fantasy and elegance to your living space. A beautiful focal point can be created by combining three-dimensional flowers made of paper, metal, or another material.

  1. Equine Beauty

It makes sense to hang horses on your walls if you are a horse lover. Choose a sizable print that will take up a larger space on the wall and plan your design around it. A classic, rustic leather sofa is a great match with horse wall art.

  1. Macramé

Macramé is another great option for art that’s hung on walls. Macramé is made by knotting techniques rather than weaving or knitting. Even though it’s more difficult than knitting, you can still learn and make a piece that will act as a gift or as a piece on your living room wall.

  1. Gallery Wall

Rather than investing in a single wall painting in your living room, you can allocate that budget and get small and medium frames that have pictures of your family and friends, quotes, or other landscapes. However, this, along with a good painting on another wall, can work wonders.

  1. Metal Prints

Metal prints that could be hung on walls are a great innovation for wall art. Some artists offer metal prints, but you can even get a customized one for yourself through 3D printing or by casting and molding.

  1. Tapestries

Tapestries are another great textile piece that can be hung on walls as a great option for decor. They can be traditional and rug-like, or they can also be more modernized. You can get textile prints customized according to whatever you want the print to depict. It can even be a portrait of your child printed on a textile and hung on the wall.

The Best Spot For Your Living Room Art

Living room art should be placed as the focal point of the art. In simple words, that’s the place where your eyes go when you enter the living room. The wall above the main couch is a great option to hang your painting. Another spot can be on the wall above the fireplace.

However, if you don’t find these places to be perfect for your art, you can place your art on any wall and settle the space according to it. There can also be a combination of wall art pieces of different sizes, arranged like a collage, hung on different walls in the living room.

What Type Of Feeling Do You Want The Room To Give?

The type of living room art you choose should depend on the feeling you wish for the living room to convey. It all depends on the art genre you like. A horse can showcase energy, while an abstract art piece can give a more complex look to your living space.

  • Cozy

By far, the best option for living room art is an art that radiates coziness because it is a space that acts as a safe house for you, where you unwind and spend time with your family, watch a movie, or read a book while your kids sit on the rug and play.

Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night is a significant example of cozy art. Another great example is of a house covered in snow, with yellow light coming off the windows. A rule of thumb is that something that soothes you can be a great example of cozy art.

  • Formal

The best examples of formal art pieces are abstracts. While abstracts don’t really have a definitive meaning, they could be an entity that symbolizes something important and has a deep place in your heart.

Some great examples of formal art include Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket by James McNeill Whistler and Autumn Rhythm: Number 30 by Jackson Pollock. Moreover, you can get commissioned art for whatever you want your living room art piece to depict.

  • Energetic

A bunch of horses running through the wind symbolizes energy and courage. They can be a constant reminder of what you’re capable of and are a great option for living-room art. Action paintings that have a dynamic blend of colors act as a great source of energy as well.

Some great examples of energetic art pieces include Whistlejacket by George Stubbs and Blue Poles by Jackson Pollock. Yet, you don’t need to go by the book. You can have any painting in your living room that acts as an energy source for you.

  • Casual

Casual here depicts anything unorthodox. You need not follow any rules apart from the interior design synced, size scalability, and place art that you think is a perfect fit. It could be a herd of donkeys drinking from a tub of water or a portrait of your favorite human being in the world.

A great example of casual art is The Three Donkeys by Miguel Camarena. Three happy donkeys painted in vibrant colors make it so dynamic that it gives off a feeling of euphoria. It is a perfect fit for a family with kids because of its casual nature.

What Size Should The Artwork Have?

One of the most important factors to consider while looking for living room art is the size you’re playing with. Your wall art must take up around 60% to 75% of the possible vacant wall space. Estimate the width and height of the wall. Now, multiply the calculations by both 0.6 and 0.75. As a result, you will obtain a variety of canvas print sizes to match the space. As a general rule, if you have a big living room with big walls, your artwork needs to be big as well to fit into that space perfectly.

Consequently, if you have a more confined space, you can go with a combination of small art pieces hung in different spots on the walls throughout your living room. You don’t require the services of a professional to determine this; just use your imagination and place art that you feel works.

What Is The Color Blend Of The Room?

Similar to size and scalability, the color theme of your living room and its art should be in perfect sync, as if they are married to each other. The color theme of your living room means the color of the walls, couch, and all the entities inside the room, as well as the type of combinational hue they give off.

Use your painting to tie together the warm and cool colors all around your space. Choose a print with nature-inspired characteristics and a minimal appearance. Modern but timeless is the name of the game.

For a living room that’s brown and black, the color of the artwork should be friendly with these colors, like dark orange and white, and not something completely abrupt, like pink. However, some exceptions don’t follow the rules, and more dynamic combination sets can come into play. Your living room should feel warm, comfortable, and welcoming.

What Do You Like?

As mentioned throughout this article, your preferences trump everything else. If you like a pink art piece, but the color of your sofa is royal blue, go with it. The main objective of art is to make you feel better. Everything else becomes secondary when the primary objective is fulfilled.


In order to get the best art for your living room, you should first set your preferences about what art genre you want, what its color combination should be, and what its size needs to be. After you have a basic idea of these things, you then have to do your research and try to find the best possible options that fulfil all your demands.


  • What art genre is best for your living room art?

The most common art genres placed inside a living room are abstracts. The art genre depends on what feeling you want the living room to give.

  • Is there an artist known for creating living room art?

Miguel Camarena is a tenured artist from Arizona who masters living room art. All of his original paintings and prints work perfectly well in a living room.

  • Can I outsource my living room art selection to a third party?

There are hundreds and thousands of interior designers present throughout the globe that design your space for you from scratch, with the option of adding art pieces as well.


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