18 Ways of How To Pair Colors To Decorate Your Home

Red and green, yellow and purple or orange -blue are part of the color schemes. Mix of two colors is  modern and bold. Using this color schemes, especially if they’re in pairs you are getting the great effect and still your interior design will be modern. Color schemes such as this one,  needs to be planned carefully. It is because they are meant to be enjoyed over a longer period of time. There are many of them who would like to decorate their homes with vivid colors. Those design lovers just don’t know the right way.

You don’t know what color to choose? If you haven’t knew, chromatic preferences can be revealed and very easily created through a color psychology test.  But there is still known effects of certain colors on the nervous system and they can also provide a few valuable guidelines,of course if you have personal preference for something like that.

You can bring colors to your home on on of the best ways. It is  very modern and considered of painting whole areas or maybe color accents in abstract shapes. You can paint also just walls or wall accents .  Make color probes to prevent misunderstandings. Have a white to mix with for color brightening and try doing it yourself, it is funnier.

Choose the colors that stimulate conversation and a welcoming atmosphere for the living or dining room.  They are most suited for this areas. Since the orange is known as a communicative color, you can use it and a pastel apricot tone for one central wall or for the floor. Creating a accents of powerful violet will  make a result of  trendy and joyous atmosphere, which is your aim at the end.

Here are 18 ideas of How To Pair Colors To Decorate Your Home, Have A Look and find what suits you.

by Georgette Westerman Interiors

by Nichole Loiacono Design

by A Good Chick To Know

by Blount Architectual and Interior Design

by Last Detail Interior Design

project by Miguel Fernandez / Photo by Craig Denis


by Amy Lau Design

by Treoma Design / courtesy of Kate Hillier Photography.

by Cornerstone Architects / Photography by Bryant Hill

by Bruce Palmer Interior Design

by Tara Seawright

by Product Bureau

                by Pure Bliss Creative Design/ Photo Credit: Meghan Liddle Photography


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