The Allure Of Hudson River Living: 7 Reasons To Choose A Condo Along The Waterfront

Living at the water’s edge with spectacular views is a major drawcard for buying beachfront property. But you can get similar benefits living along a river.

Part of the allure of Hudson River living is that it offers other benefits beachfront living doesn’t. Before you go house hunting, look at our 7 reasons to choose a condo along the Hudson River waterfront.

Loads Of Luxury Living

Riverfront living doesn’t mean you have to give up on a luxury lifestyle.

According to the experts at, there are numerous luxury apartments to choose from along the Hudson River. At varied price points and with a host of innovative features, you’ll easily find the home that’s meant for you.

In Fort Lee Living you’ll experience waterfront living with both affordable and high-end real-estate options. Another noteworthy mention is Edgewater, gaining more popularity every year thanks to its luxurious amenities and excellent commuting possibilities.

Good Transportation Options

If you’re trying to keep your carbon footprint low by foregoing a car, you’ll still be able to get around with ease.

The Hudson River waterfront area has the infrastructure needed for cycling or walking. And you biking fans don’t even need your own bike. Just take advantage of one of the Hudson Bike shares.

Sometimes travel further afield is necessary, but that’s no problem as you can easily connect to one of the subway lines. The NY Waterway ferry is your go-to for traversing the Hudson and reaching that next stop.

The View, Of Course

Let’s be honest, this is probably one of the main factors in choosing waterfront property.

A beautiful view, especially one including water, is always relaxing. Stunning waterfront and sunset views are guaranteed with a condo along the waterfront. What’s more, breathtaking views are beneficial to your health!

Anger, fear, and stress – all the things we want to avoid to have more calm in our lives, are all reduced by being out in nature. Evidence from numerous research studies supports these findings. And there’s reason to believe that merely viewing nature can offer these benefits to our mental and emotional health, too.

Historical Sites

Are you a history buff? The Hudson Riverfront is home to several of NYCs oldest buildings, many of which played an important role in the history and development of the area.

You won’t have to stray too far to satisfy your curiosity about New York and America’s past. Check out the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum, Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site, or Historic Historic Huguenot Street.

These are just a few of the interesting places to discover along and nearby the Hudson River. And for terrific views don’t miss out on the Walkway over the Hudson State Historic Park.

Community Spirit

One thing that is lacking in most inner-city apartments and even some beachfront condominium complexes is camaraderie.

You won’t find a shortage of that along the Hudson River, though. There’s a strong sense of community spirit on the riverfront. This is further strengthened by the abundance of activities along the riverfront. Kayaking, canoeing, rafting, and many more water-based activities are always thriving here.

They provide fun for the whole family, and a chance to get to know your neighbors. So, while we could forgive you for wanting to spend all day on your cozy balcony, looking out at the view, you’ll soak up more of the atmosphere by venturing off the property and having fun in the sun.

Arts & Culture

You’ll find plenty of arts and cultural experiences along the Hudson River waterfront.

A great example is the Summer on the Hudson annual outdoor arts and culture festival. Sprawling out from 59th Street to 181st Street along the Hudson River, community spirit is at an all-time high every May to October.

And of course, with all the visitors from outside the area at that time many new friendships are forged.

Attractive Green Spaces

Most condos don’t have outdoor spaces to speak of, although some detached condos may have small backyards. But even the limited space of a small backyard can have a big impact. If you crave outdoor experiences, you can have that no matter the size of your Hudson River property.

The Hudson River waterfront area boasts several open outdoor spaces and sports facilities for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. Go for a stroll along the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway or a jog in the Hudson River Park.

Need to work up a bit more of a sweat? Shoot some hoops, or work on your tennis form on one of the outdoor courts. Staying active and breathing in fresh air is essential for a healthy lifestyle, and Hudson River condo living can give you all that.


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