Inspiration For The Balcony – Simple Tips For a Cozy Balcony

Now is the time to move out. We have reached the point where the social center of the home goes from indoor social areas to an atmospheric balcony or patio. Many of us like to mark the change of season with updated decor and seasonal styling that resonates with the warmer weather. But remember – renewed interior design is not necessarily synonymous with consumption.

Create a lush setting

The season’s balcony decoration already starts indoors. Green plants are still trendy and add both life and relaxation at the same time. Here we see how a verdant setting in the form of a timeless plant curtain enhances the welcoming feeling. The plant curtain in particular is easy to design to your liking and brightens up the home, both interior and exterior, regardless of the season. Interested in making your own?

Maximize with vegetation

No balcony without seasonal vegetation, of course. Plants are known for their calming effects, with an irresistible charm that enhances home comfort. To turn up the coziness factor on the balcony, we mix plants in all their forms, both classic potted plants and along the walls, for a relaxing whole with a true sense of coziness. Complete with muted decor for a muted contrast.


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