A Cozy Little Balcony That Will Melt Your Heart

This image shows us that it is not necessary to have a lot of space for it to be comfortable.

The first thing to notice is the omnipresence of wood: the covering of the railing, the exterior floor, the pallet that acts as a structure for the exterior sofa, the stool that acts as a coffee table, the table and the chairs. . Outside – it’s like inside – wood creates a warm atmosphere. Its natural origin allows you to forget that you are surrounded by concrete.

In addition to wood, the warm side is also favored by the use of neutral colors, especially in textiles: the sofa cushions, the natural rug, the ottoman. Neutral colors like gray but especially light brown hues are soft, relaxing, and soothing. However, they are not cold.

This balcony is also interesting because, despite its small width and the presence of furniture, we still have green plants. There are some on the side of the guardrail (placed on the ground or suspended). There are also plants on the windowsill on the other side. We benefit twice because they are visible even from the inside. And let’s not forget the vase with cut flowers which puts a hint of color in this essentially neutral exterior ensemble.

Discreet but very present hung on the ceiling/balcony of the neighbor above, a light garland, simple but cheerful. If you take a good look at this balcony decor, there is also a candle holder and a lantern at the foot of the plants. Even when night falls, the balcony remains a pleasant and comfortable space with a cozy light atmosphere.


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