9 Inspiring Models of Decorative Lanterns That’ll Fit Your Home

The lantern is a versatile item in the decoration, as it varies in size, models, shades, and ways to use. Therefore, it is quite common to see it at home or parties – especially at weddings – giving it more beauty and elegance.

The idea of ​​using this decorative object in your home can leave the environment with a different face because it creates a prominent item and brings more coziness to the place. A very usual model is the Moroccan lantern, known for its richness in detail, sophisticated finishes, and vibrant colors. It is usually made of metal with beautiful designs and arabesques forming a kind of mosaic. The delicacy of the piece fits like a glove in oriental-style environments or that relaxing corner with armchairs and loungers.

External areas are even more vibrant with a set of lanterns hanging from pergolas or on the ceiling itself, if on an apartment balcony. To make the pool super stylish, position the lanterns all over the edge, and light candles inside the supports to create an intimate atmosphere.

In the living room, the item can be fitted on a sideboard or placed on the stairs. The most common is to see him alone, but if you prefer the pair, try to position him next to each other. Oh, and there is no definite rule: you can choose differently or the same models. It’s up to you!

Models and Photos of Decorative Lanterns

Decor Fácil values ​​good taste and style, so we support this item in the decoration. Check out 60 creative ideas below and find the inspiration you need here to make any environment look amazing with lanterns:











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Author: Renata Kralevska

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