8 Cute Lanterns to Make Terrariums In

Terrariums are a friend to the DIY world. Because terrarium plants can live almost anywhere, DIYs for terrariums are easy and fun. They’re also a cheap way to spruce up your home, especially when purchased at a discount.

It’s hard to mess up a terrarium, especially if it’s an air plant. Impossible to kill, these green buddies work for the person who’s always accidentally killing their house plants.

Making terrariums in things not sold for that reason is a fresh way that people are trying new things in interior design. The lantern terrarium style is a popular choice since lanterns are timeless and light enough to hang anywhere.

Find out what the best lanterns are to make terrariums in so that you can snag this chic look. Choose one of these adorable lanterns and find your next house project!

West Elm Terrarium

The first on our list is a faceted lantern from West Elm (codes here and here).

Though this lantern is made more for the idea of placing candles in, you could easily throw some air plants in there and make an adorable terrarium situation.

With the open top, enough oxygen will enter into the lantern, letting any easy plant thrive.

You can also place these on a table instead of hanging them. The materials are glass and solid brass, great for an industrial or rustic home.

At about 50 bucks, this lantern isn’t the cheapest, but it’s West Elm so you know it’s quality.

World Market Lantern

Of course World Market is going to be on this list for this sort of thing. They have some of the best choices when it comes to interesting home goods like this.

This World Market lantern (promo codes here and here) moves away from the brassy gold tones that you usually see with lanterns. If you prefer silver, this cooler hue will be a great choice either hung or put on a shelf.

You can keep the hinged door open or closed, depending on how much air the plant needs.

This minimalist zinc frame lantern is simple yet goes well with most interior home styles.

Pier 1 Lantern

In the description of this next lantern it says, “You’re about to make some candle very happy.” We disagree. You’re about to make some plant very happy!

This hand-painted white lantern will complement any lush dark green plant you choose. Leave it outside or bring it in to hang up along with your other decorations.

Made of iron and glass, this sturdy lantern will be okay outdoors as it has an all-weather powder coating that protects it from the elements. And while it might look expensive, it might pay to check for Pier 1 promo codes before purchasing. There’s usually always some type of sale going on!

IKEA Lantern

You’ve probably seen this little lantern every time you visit your local IKEA. You might not have given it a second thought, but now that you got lantern terrariums on the mind, take another look.

This is actually a cute lantern to make terrariums in. The IKEA lantern is as cheap as it gets at under $4. The starry little lantern could fit any terrarium plants you’d like. Ikea has codes on Retailmenot, Offers, and Dealspotr.

Order online or make sure to grab this guy on your way out during your next IKEA outing.

Hosley Lantern

The Hosley Lantern found on Amazon is made with the old style lantern in mind.

This standard lantern shape has a subtle look, so you can pick out plants that are as vibrant and eye-catching as you’d like.

In this photo, they used a candle, but wouldn’t it look twice as nice with some beautiful green plants in place of the candle?

Anthropologie Chassis Lantern

It’s doubtful you’ve ever seen a lantern quite like this. This Anthropologie lantern (get codes here & here) is exquisitely designed for the home that takes chances.

At first glance, it doesn’t look like a lantern at all. The narrow sides and rectangular shape makes it look like some vintage machine from the 60’s.

It’s so pretty and the miraculous thing is that it’s only $20. You’d think Anthropologie would sell this for a bit more since their price range usually falls higher for items like this.

Available in white or peach, choose the best one depending on the color scheme of the room you’ll place this in as well as the colors of your preferred plants.

Target Lantern

Jumping off the uniqueness of the last one, this next one is just as special. This Target lantern (deals and codes here) is going to work for someone that likes dark colors and sleek designs.

This lantern will look fantastic in a home of dark leathers and moody vibes.

The gold handle gives it a pop of color.

Crate & Barrel Teak Lantern

Lanterns don’t need to be made out of only one type of material. Metal lanterns are the most common, but this teak wood option from Crate & Barrel (get offer codes here and here) changes what we expect out of a lantern.

This artistically yet simply designed choice will be a neat lantern to make terrariums in. Experiment with different plants tall and short and see how they thrive in this cool item.

Unlike the other choices, a photo is featured on the item’s page that shows you can put anything you want in this lantern. The image below shows squash as well as other fall decorations creatively put into the lantern.


It’s time to pick which lantern is going to be the home of your terrarium plants. Whichever you choose, your home will soon have an extra splash of style!


Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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