Styles and Designing Tips of Mediterranean-Style Houses

Today we are going to open the conversation of Mediterranean-inspired living. You will find everything from historical facts to decorating tips for your modern Mediterranean home update.

Resembling the aesthetic of Mediterranean villas, Mediterranean-style homes originated in the 1920’s. In these times, people were consumed with wealth and leisure, which result in the rise of seaside resorts in the US. In California and Florida there are blends of Spanish and Italian architecture, Mediterranean homes that are definitely dominant with so many Spanish influences.

The Mediterranean house has always been a dream for someone who appreciates elegant, yet simple spaces. If you want your house to have really warm woods, bright walls, and indoor-outdoor living, this style is for you! And there is one thing that you gonna love too, Mediterranean style never goes out of style. Let’s talk about the characteristics of these homes starting with the exteriors. They typically feature a red-tiled roof (terra cotta), and as well as briks or stucco that’s often painted white. You can also spot carved doors, stone details, and raw iron and metalwork on windows, front doors, and over balconies.

There are three main styles of Mediterranean homes, and they are:

  • Spanish Revival – Influenced by Spanish colonial architecture this home usually boasts simple, clean lines and a low-pitch roof.
  • Italian Renaissance – The inspiration came along from buildings during the Italian Renaissance, and this style is marked by columns and rounded arches.
  • Modern Mediterranean – Traditional characteristics of Mediterranean homes but with a modern twist. In these homes you can spot the focus on indoor-outdoor living, spacious and open floor plans, along with Italian and Spanish influences that are evident in these homes.

An understated look is the best, when it comes to decorating a Mediterranean-style house, relying on the principles of symmetry to showcase the beauty of the style. To reach the unified look painting the space in one color and opting for the same flooring type can reach that. This home’s personality can be injected with eye-catching tiles, both inside and outside.

This style of property looks best with dark woods and walnut furniture, quirky and smaller-scale antiques , strategic pops of color, neutral lightweight fabrics like linen, especially when it comes to tiles.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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