Step Inside: Exploring the Allure of Display Houses

Display houses, sometimes called model homes or show homes, are built by developers or builders. They are fully furnished and decorated homes meant to display designs, features, and quality to potential buyers. Usually found in new housing estates or developments, these houses are open for public inspection and viewing.

Display houses aim to capture buyers while leaving a lasting impression. Professional interior designers usually arrange and decorate these homes, using furniture, accessories, artwork, lighting, and color to create an inviting environment. Display houses feature advanced appliances and technology that show the home’s functionality and comfort.

Display homes serve a dual purpose: they are a marketing tool that provides both information and inspiration to homebuyers. They offer a chance to experience the exceptional design and quality workmanship of Hotondo Homes’ display homes in Queensland, helping buyers envision their inspired living spaces.

Layout and Design

Display houses allow buyers to imagine and evaluate the layout and design of a home, considering the size, shape, and orientation. Buyers can also evaluate the position of the windows and doors, the height and design of the ceilings, and the type and quality of the flooring.

Features and Finishes

Display houses let buyers analyze a home’s features and finishes, considering the type and quality of materials used. This includes assessing the color and texture of surfaces, as well as the design and functionality of cabinets and counters. Furthermore, buyers can test the durability and usefulness of appliances in these display houses.

Style and Theme

Display houses help buyers see and appreciate a house’s style and concept. This includes looking at the home’s general look, comfort, and functionality, as well as assessing how colors, patterns, and shapes go together. Buyers can also observe how furniture, accessories, and artwork are placed.

Discover and Learn New Ideas

Display houses allow buyers to find and take new ideas and trends, such as:

Innovation and Technology

Display houses allow buyers to find and understand the latest ideas and technology in home design. This includes smart devices, energy-efficient systems, security measures, and entertainment possibilities. Display houses show how these technologies work and how they might improve the buyer’s lifestyle and comfort.

Sustainability and the Environment

Display houses allow buyers to explore and understand the sustainability and environmental impact of a property. This includes checking renewable energy sources, water-saving technologies, waste management systems, and natural materials. Display houses also show how these measures can reduce environmental impact and result in long-term cost savings for buyers.

Creativity and Personality

Display houses allow buyers to see and know the creativity and personality put into a property. This includes unique and original elements, expressing personal tastes and preferences, and supporting cultural and historical influences. Display houses can show buyers how to design and personalize their own homes, allowing them to represent their own personalities in their living environment.

Imagine and Dream Their Future Home

Display houses let buyers visualize and dream about their future home, such as:

Lifestyle and Comfort

Display houses help buyers picture and dream about the lifestyle and comfort they will have in their new home. This includes thinking about activities and hobbies, relaxing and entertaining, and hosting family and friends at their house.

Potential and Opportunities

Display houses help buyers imagine and think about the potential and opportunities that their future home will provide. This includes thinking about changes and improvements they can make, overcoming challenges and problems, and considering the objectives and accomplishments they can attain within their living environment.

Happiness and Satisfaction

Display houses allow buyers to imagine and dream about the happiness and satisfaction they will find in their future home. This includes the pride and confidence they can feel, the peace and security they can have, and the love and joy they can share in their home.


Display houses are more than just displays; they provide ideas into the possibilities of home ownership. These houses help buyers compare and contrast different models, find and learn new concepts, and imagine their future home. Display houses can excite and urge clients to continue their home-buying journey, encouraging them to find their ideal home.


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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