Spring Into Your New Home Look

It’s beginning to look a lot like… springtime.

And with springtime, more and more activities turn to be spent outdoors, from lounging around, gardening, and barbecuing. But, springtime somehow inspires changes in the home, with March, April, and May being some of the busiest months in the home renovation industry.

The Best Time To Renovate

Springtime is the season that people begin to get antsy and want to make home improvements. Whether it’s to get ready for summer or to move past the previous winter, spring is one of the most popular times to renovate the house, with summer being the most popular.

Regardless of the time of year you choose to renovate the home, once the decision is made, choosing the right type of work you want done is the next step. You can choose to Do It Yourself (DIY) or hire a contractor.

Do It Yourself Vs. Hiring A Contractor

DIY is all the rage, and the reasons vary from expertise to saving a little money.

However, saving a little money by DIY may be misleading.

For example, regardless of how many videos you watch, some construction and renovation projects are more complex and more complicated than they look, and trying to do these on your own may just end up costing you time, materials, and other costs that make it more expensive than if you had hired a contractor in the first place.

For example, putting in a new water heater may seem easy, but compliance and safety laws need to be followed.

For significant renovation projects then, it’s recommended to hire a contractor.

Hiring A Contractor

Once you decide to hire a contractor, there are a few things you need to do in order to guarantee the work is performed up to standards, on time, and within budget.

Before you hire a contractor, there are a series of questions. Keep in mind that you want to interview at least two contractors and get quotes on their timeline and costs in writing.

Questions to ask when hiring a home remodeling contractor are:

  • Are you licensed and certified? Will you handle building permits?
  • Will you be using subcontractors or employees for the work?
  • Do you carry workers’ compensation and insurance for you and your employees that will be working on-site? Some subcontractors may be used, and they may need temporary insurance to accommodate this requirement. In that case, they can get a quote to protect them and you that can be included in their projected cost to your project.
  • What guarantees do you have about timelines and budgets?
  • Do you have reviews for similar types of projects?

Ideas For Your Home Renovation

There are two categories of home renovations, touch-ups, and upgrades or remodels.

With touch-ups, you can change the feel and flow of a room by adding paint and accessories, such as paintings or plants that create a whole new room without costing too much.

For more significant changes to your house, remodels and upgrades are more costly but can make some significant changes to the space in your house.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

When considering upgrading your kitchen, think about the function of the space as much as the style you’d like. Too often, people renovate based on something they’ve seen in a magazine or on TV without giving too much thought about how you’ll utilize the space.

As the kitchen serves as a primary space in the home, from making food to entertaining, space is crucial, so in that case, think storage first. Emphasizing storage will create more usable space in and around the kitchen.

Bathroom Makeover

Bathrooms are one space in the home that can be renovated relatively cheaply if done right.

Installing a new bathroom vanity and vertical storage with fresh paint can make the bathroom appear more significant and much more spacious.

Unless you’re planning to make significant changes to your bathroom, such as knocking down walls or adding to the plumbing, a simple shift of the space such as changing the location of the shower, tub, and toilet can be done relatively cheaply and quickly.

Bedroom Overhaul

You can completely renovate your bedroom, including new furniture, or simply choose to change the paint and where you have your bed. If you want to overhaul your bedroom cheaply, a change of paint can go a long way.

To change how you see the space, a cheap recommendation is to paint the “fifth wall” which is the ceiling of your bedroom, in bright colors to contrast with the neutral tones of the other walls.

Living Rooms To Entertain

One of the most used spaces in the home is the living room. From watching TV to eating meals, relaxing, and even entertaining friends and family, the living room is one of the spaces in the most used home and the decor should reflect the room’s priority in the house.

On a budget, a refresh of paint and relocating the furniture can make the room seem new and bright. Another way is to add more lighting or increase the room’s natural light to brighten the atmosphere. Of course, if you plan to increase natural light, to be safe, you may want to find a contractor to make the renovations.

Choosing between the DIY route or hiring a contractor is more than just a matter of money. It’s recommended for more significant changes and upgrades to hire a professional to assist you and guarantee quality and safety of your home renovations.


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Author: Maja Markovski

Maja Markovski

A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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