Cleaning is not always the best. When there is also a new season, where the focus is now shifted from the inside out in spring and summer, it is often connected to major cleaning. Since the biggest obstacle for many of us is time and efficiency, here we collect simple tips and tricks that make cleaning easier – from planning to execution.

How to make spring cleaning more efficient – simple cleaning tips and hacks:

1. Determine the target image

Before you even start the cleaning process, it can be nice to set a target image. What feels realistic about today’s cleaning? Is the idea to remove superfluous small details, should it be refurnished and spruced up, or is cleaning on the schedule? A more concrete plan is always easier to follow, regardless of the project!

2. Split up

In many cases, the biggest problem is the overwhelming starting distance. It may sound obvious, but make sure you divide up the cleaning. Regardless of whether the goal is to clean the entire home at once or tackle one room, it is important to think strategically. Clean in blocks instead – maybe the block includes a room, maybe a shelf. It all depends on how much you want to take on.

3. Test timer

The Pomodoro method is probably a bit of a household name for most of us. Popular for both work and study purposes, the technology highlights focused work. Work focused for twenty-five minutes, pause for five. Decide when to replace five minutes for a longer break and then repeat. The same technique is brilliant to apply for cleaning.

4. Cleansing first

Clearing away superfluous details, from small furnishings to furniture that takes up unnecessary space, does wonders. Take a look at the room in question and start by removing items you don’t use. The philosophy is common within Japandi, which always advocates a frugal environment where only objects in use stand out.

5. Homemade cleaning products

Spring cleaning is often associated with expensive cleaning, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Instead of spending money on cleaning (usually with a noticeable negative environmental impact), there are simple ways to do your own, effective cleaning of an environmentally friendly nature. Most of the time, you only need ingredients you already have in your pantry.

6. Free up floor space

It may sound basic, but it’s easy to forget about the floor surface once we get down to cleaning. Here, too, we draw extra inspiration from Japandi. The basic idea is clear–airy environments with few details at floor level. Look over what kind of decoration you have on the floors. By removing non-essential items, the room will feel more spacious in no time.


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