Small Creative Spaces Of Great Importance In The Small Homes

The flats from the closed type, where life zones are distributed by individual premises, often happens that individual pieces of space remain unused and unnoticed, although with their arrangement could simply unload the rest of the interior and optimize its layout. The narrow space next to the entrance, part of the wall between two windows in the bedroom or living room, the zone between the two doors and, in turn, impractical corners in the hallway, are just a few examples of parts of our interior that remain unjustly forgotten during the deployment of furniture and decorating the homes in which we live.

This kind of space can be easily turned into a miniature hall, house bar or continued home library, and the surface of the wall can be used to set up additional mirrors in space, or to create galleries of expensive pictures and family photos. Narrow bookcase, rack for magazines and newspapers, unused nightstand, a chair, or even a chair that has so far been a surplus in the interior, will fit perfectly with the space and will serve you for disposal bags, clothes or a pile of books and stylized decoration . Below in our gallery, there are so many excellent examples how to fill this empty space, that can inspire for a small but significant modification in your home!


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