Shoe Storage Ideas for a Stylish Closet

Tons of shoes everywhere? Anyone related to it? Every single one of us. Okey, now we have some ideas on how to upgrade the shoe storage space with some stylish ideas. Just keep on scrolling, guys!


Sliding Shelves

Don’t tell us that you really thought sliding shelves only worked for a kitchen! This smart shoe storage solution can help to conserve space and will keep the shoes concealed in a tasteful way. Also, this kind of shelving will allow for easy access, and that’s what’s most important, right?


Showcase Your Most-Worn Shoes

Maybe it’s time for you to find a stylish way to showcase your most-worn shoes. Your closet should make getting dressed a breeze, so here’s what you can do about it. First, built-in shelving on either side of a dresser can be used to store a small collection of shoes that are worn regularly. Second? Go back to the first and you have it all done.


Glass Doors to Display Your Collection

Just know that if we all have an attractive assortment of shoes, we probably would feel to put them all on display. So, the glass doors of this custom closet keeps shoes organized while showing the off, exactly like you would want to.


A Rack with Shelves

Think thatΒ  if you choose this option with built-in shelving it will make your space feel more organized, while keeping outdoor dirt and debris off of your floors.


Add Doors to your Shelving

In this glamorous walk-in the shelves of shoes are concealed with modern doors. They also keep the room’s sleek aesthetic clutter-free.


Place Baskets in your Cubbies

This is how it goes, the baskets are stowed inside cubbies beneath the entryway’s sitting area. They allow for streamlined storage of shoes which are usually tucked away for a clutter-free look.


Don’t Forget the Drawers

One final thing, don’t limit your shoe storage just to shelves or shoe racks. Drawers can actually be practical and an stylish option as well. Here, in this particular home and his cozy reading nook, there are three spacious drawers that provide an easy access to shoes and are stored away and clutter-free.




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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

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