Samurai Project by AG Design Studio in Moscow

Project:Β Samurai Project
Architects:Β AG Design Studio
Photographs by:Β Courtesy of AG Design Studio

Samurai Project by AG Design Studio

Restrained Japanese elegance, oriental philosophy, brutal Loft textures that’s all you need to create a stylish handsome interior for a man.

The task was to fit in a sitting room, a kitchen, a separated bedroom. Also the owner asked to find a place, if possible, for a working area, a punching bag and sauna. And not to make the space look cramped!

And we think we nailed the brief. Completely remodeled the layout and even found a space for a dressing room.
Not to lose light and air in the apartment we used glass partition walls. And repetitive circles starting with mandala above the bed encourage the flow throughout the apartment.

The bathroom in the SAMURAI project is filled not only with natural textures, but also with symbols of Asian culture. Taking a shower, you enjoy the warm shades of wood… and stabilized plants behind the glass.
Literally touching nature.

This is not photo printing, not painting, but real voluminous leaves, highlighted with red illumination.

Red color in Asian culture symbolizes the morning sky. In the paintings, the sun and even clouds turned red. In people, this color reflects determination and firmness of character. I think that this is a necessary morning charge in the men’s interior.

The most attentive should have seen the fish on the ceiling. Fish in China are always associated with abundance, and in Japan with luck and perseverance. And here they also fit into the design coolly.
-Project description and images provided by AG Design Studio


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