Ptarmigan Residence by Suman Architects in Vail, Colorado

Project: Ptarmigan Residence
Architects: Suman Architects
Location: Vail, Colorado, USA
Photographs by: Courtesy of Suman Architects

Ptarmigan Residence by Suman Architects

The Vail is a popular spot for winter holidays but there are many people who love to take the heat of the scorching summer weather in the idyllic mountains of Colorado.
The cool weather is what brings people there during the summer but there’s a whole different story for the winter. It’s the endless snowy landscapes and some of the best ski slopes in the world that has made this area popular.
These reasons are more than enough to make someone want to build themselves a residence there, in between the trees and as you could probably guess, people do that although it costs a fortune.

The Ptarmigan Residence is a luxury home nestled between the pine trees in the forests of Vail, Colorado. The exterior is as majestic as they come while the interior enchants with its warmth and coziness spiced up with breathtaking views of the lush forests and mountain landscapes.
This home was designed by Suman Architects as a mix of the contemporary and rustic styles. They have managed to create a perfect alchemy of these two very different styles. They have coupled the coziness and aesthetics of a traditional rustic mountain home with the pleasing simplicity and ergonomics of a modern home.

Blending these two styles is a very difficult task because a lot of the principles are completely opposite.
Nevertheless, this cocktail of the contemporary and rustic styles has become one of the most popular designs for vacation homes in Colorado’s idyllic outback.
The exterior of the Ptarmigan Residence is clad in natural, dry-stack stone with copper paneling and clear cedar siding. This mixture of materials blends the house in with its natural surroundings.


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