Pleated House by Leo Romano in Brazil

Project: Pleated House
Architects: Leo Romano
Area: 5,769 sf
Year: 2023
Photographs by:
Edgard Cesar

Pleated House by Leo Romano

This captivating residence combines spaciousness and warmth. The ground floor hosts a large living area and a grand dining table by a tranquil water feature. A gourmet area seamlessly connects to the outdoor pool. Upstairs, you’ll find peaceful bedrooms and a private TV room. The lower floor handles daily functionality. The home’s bold architecture blends curves and concrete, creating an exceptional living experience.

As you cross the entrance on the ground floor, the welcoming atmosphere and sense of spaciousness come together in a warm greeting. The large living room is an invitation for moments of conviviality and relaxation. In the center of the scene, a grand dining table invites memorable meetings, where stories are shared and bonds are strengthened. A small water mirror merges with the continuation of the pool, evoking a sense of serenity that permeates the environment.

The gourmet, strategically located behind the dining table, connects seamlessly with the deck and outdoor pool. This environment is the ideal stage to receive guests and create unforgettable memories. The perfect integration between the living room, the dining area, the gourmet area, and the swimming pool results in a harmonious fluidity that transcends the boundaries of the interior and exterior.

The upper floor houses the intimate sphere of the house. Here, meticulously designed rooms provide a peaceful retreat for residents. The delicate inclusion of a small TV room preserves privacy, allowing the environment to remain a space for relaxation, even when the house is open to guests.

The lower floor accommodates the essential functionality of the house. Services and parking are allocated on this level, ensuring that everyday life is organized and practical.

What makes this home truly captivating is its bold architectural form. The solid concrete volume is transformed by strategically incorporated curves, breaking its robustness with a touch of elegance. On the upper floor, this pleated shell adds complexity and charm, giving the volume an intriguing aesthetic. Meanwhile, large glass openings on the lower level provide a sense of lightness and an illusion of floating above the ground.

In short, this three-story home is a sublime expression of architectural creativity. The creation of areas integrated with reserved spaces, along with the daring mix of shapes and materials, creates a house that is not just a dwelling, but a functional work of art that elevates everyday living to a sublime experience.

Leo Romano


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