Playing With Textures That Lead To A New Bathroom

The bathroom is probably one of the most monotonous rooms. We tend to risk very little and we see it as a second scenario of the day-to-day. Error! Getting a magazine bath is not that complicated. Have you tried playing with textures? These, in a bathroom, provide depth and richness, completely changing its appearance.

Powerful textures, to create rich and nuanced interiors, but also elegance. Playing with different finishes in different colors can transform the bathroomA more dynamic design that adapts to any style: minimalist bathrooms, with an industrial touch, with a retro air… The combinations are endless, of textures, colors, and shapes, achieving the harmony of the space without saturating it.

This season, natural and handcrafted materials continue to flourish, even in the bathroom. Finishes inspired by nature, materials of noble and organic origin such as stone or wood, careful textiles, leather, marble… You have to always take care of textures and their quality, differentiating itself from the rest. Now, we give you the keys to get the bathroom of your dreams. To do this, it takes us to a universe of sensations through custom shower trays, panels, countertops, sinks, bathtubs, furniture, or accessories.  

Ethnic texture

Like a breath of nature, but always at the forefront of design. Because giving that natural touch to our home does not have to be conditioned with elegance. The Ethnic texture is like a natural wooden board that melts with a thin layer of cement, ideal if you are looking to give your bathroom a neo-rustic style.

Slate texture

It combines perfectly with any style, adapting thanks to its finish that faithfully reproduces the details of a slate stone. This finish brings carefree sobriety to any room. Available in different colors, in case you want to play with these, it is the perfect element to provide that different touch without risking too much.

Nude Texture

As if it were a second skin. This exclusive texture brings sensations never before thought of in a room such as a bathroom. Perfect for both panels and shower trays, Nude provides an extra touch by giving a unique and elegant appearance that reproduces natural leather with very good quality. A sophisticated touch for the most rustic houses.

Beton texture


This texture reproduces the appearance of cement, which gives it an artisan and industrial character that will attract attention in any bathroom. It certainly brings an avant-garde touch to any room, whatever its style.

Zero texture

Perfect for adding a touch of minimalism. The Zero texture transmits this minimalist trend to the maximum, adapting to any style. Of simple yet sophisticated design, its micro-texture is almost smooth. The perfect texture to add some color to the more sober bathrooms as it brings eye-catching and fun touch.

Arabba texture

Carved in stone, the new Arabba texture simulates a texture of natural fibers woven by hand. Following the natural and organic trend, this piece, of careful craftsmanship, perfectly reflects the irregularities present in a handmade piece. This texture is extensible to both shower trays and countertops and panels, providing elegance and luminosity to the bathroom. The wide variety of colors makes it perfectly suited to any style.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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