Outhouse by MISA Architects in Vansajada, India

Project: Outhouse
Architects: MISA Architects
Location: Vansajada, India
Area: 4,000 sq ft
Photographs by: Zurich Shah

Outhouse by MISA Architects

Contrary to what the name suggests, the Outhouse is a luxury, contemporary residence located in Vansajada, India. This stunning 4,000 square foot home was designed by MISA Architects who have set out to create a visible extension of nature. That is exactly what this home is. It beautifully blends in with the environment and enables its inhabitants to enjoy all the beauties that the landscape paints.

The lush green farmlands that surround the site in every direction inspired the architects to create an enigmatic feel through carefully camouflaging the building with the natural backdrop that offered a matchless view of the horizon.

Outhouse: a visible invisible extension of nature
Seated amidst agricultural farmland, this weekend house brings harmony between the natural and the built environment.

On the first visit to the site, the architect made up his mind to optimize on the setting of this project. Amid lush green farmland, away from the bustling city of Ahmedabad, this site offered a getaway into the serenity and vastness of nature.

The design approach was to create an enigmatic feel by camouflaging the building with the background, which offered a matchless view of the horizon. The imagination was to bring life to a poetic expression: green grass below, and the blue sky above, and the outhouse at this threshold.

The outhouse plan comprises a series of courtyards and private spaces, connected through an immaculate passage. This project has a living area, dining, kitchen, master bed and guest room. The courtyards embed usable outdoor spaces like the patio, swimming pool, and the entrance vestibule.

These fragmented semi-public, semi-private spaces are carefully positioned to create an array experiences while improvising on the ambiance. O The cantilevered deck turns into a pulpit in front of the graduating lawn space for audience seating.

The swimming pool is designed with the right amount of privacy, with a handy private shower and powder room for guests. The rooms intentionally make for an inside out living experience. The deeply shaded openings in the north and east ensure thorough daylight and shelter from the weather.

The exposed RCC ceiling is patterned with the bamboo curtains, with a complete green cover at the terrace. The building preserves water with its reverse boring to help recharge the ground water table.

MISA Architects


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