Our ideas for a more responsible interior in the Kitchen

Let us start the new year by pointing out some essential ideas that will help your household to have a more responsible interior throughout the year.

The Slow life trend, which is ideal for a responsible interior, encourages us to reevaluate our consumption habits, whether in the area of decoration by purifying our interiors to the greatest extent possible; or simply through small daily gestures that, when taken collectively, are good for our dear planet.

Due to the pressure, our culture puts on us to consume, these gestures in particular can occasionally be frightening. But you’ll discover in this post that there are workarounds that cost little money and are simple to put into practice. We will begin from the kitchen area, and in some other posts, we will continue with the bathroom.

In the kitchen area

Utilize wooden accents

Leave the disposable sponges, which are wasteful and short-lived. Instead, we use hardwood dish brushes, which, due to their changing heads, are significantly more robust

Fewer household products with chemicals

We don’t need chemicals to clean our interiors, which is a psychological milestone to achieve. Instead of that! Black soap and white vinegar are both excellent natural detergents. Try them, and you’ll adopt them!

Replace the disposable with something durable

How much garbage do we create in our kitchens in terms of paper towels, clear plastic, baking paper, etc. over the course of an entire year? We haven’t used paper towels at home in more than a year. For meals, we switched it out for cloth napkins, and it works great that way! We prefer to preserve food in plastic boxes (which we are gradually replacing with glass) for the transparent film.

Use cotton shopping bags

We’ve been making an effort to keep and return the paper bags we have for the past few months. We gently fold them and place them in the shopping bag that we bring to the market rather than throwing them out. Unfortunately, they always wind up tearing, so we’re debating buying some of these tiny cotton bags instead.

Together we can make a difference, the change has to start from somewhere.


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