Nappo Pizza by URBANJOBS in Istanbul, Turkey

Project: Nappo Pizza
Architects: URBANJOBS
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Area: 2,206 sf
Year: 2021
Photographs by: İbrahim Özbunar

Nappo Pizza by URBANJOBS

In Nappo Pizza project developed within a space surrounded on three sides by inordinate walls, Urbanjobs emphasizes the functional aspect of pizza making and the essence of eating, by means of a shell configured disjointed from the present walls.

Developed by Urbanjobs in a space surrounded on three sides by inordinate walls within Kanyon Shopping Mall, Nappo Pizza project was configured with a design concept leaving alone the present walls and exhibiting a new shell that does not touch these walls. In this way, Urbanjobs aimed to create a totally euclidean fitted brand new space within the present chaotic environment. All present walls were dyed with semi-dull black color and the kitchen space that is completely open, was located behind a high wall with no entrance or exit door.

Nappo Pizza Project, designed by Urbanjobs beyond the expectations of a classical space as a response to the concept of a decorative interior integrated with ornamental items, is simply the outcome of design team’s endeavors to create interior spaces offering architectural perspectives. The space created on “moderate, neither few nor much, adequate” theme Urbanjobs tries to implement on its every project, emphasizes the functional aspect of pizza making and the essence of eating. No other redundant detail or ornaments were used other than these. No detail is visible even on the connection of banisters and floor. All suchlike details were solved in advance in the wall and underground layers that are not visible. Marble was used in the spaces desired to be brought forward, a mutual connection was created basing on the process of cooking with this natural stone formed within a thousand of years. For this reason, the furnace was framed with a marble wall at the height of the furnace to highlight the pizza and integrate this context. Other attached walls were designed to hang frames or as a backup for banister.

In addition to the contextual extent of the project, the biggest architectural challenge is the distorted interior it has. Urbanjobs design team, that defines the basic need in the project as “set squaring the space” as it has no vertical angle within itself either, decided to place a 90 degrees line on the right wall from the entrance and then planned all their next steps basing on this line.

-Project description and images provided by URBANJOBS


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