N10 House by Architect Show in Fukuoka, Japan

Project: N10 House
Architects: Architect Show
Location: Fukuoka, Japan
Area: 2,561 sf
Photographs by: Ikuma Satoshi

N10 House by Architect Show

The N10 House is a beautiful contemporary dwelling located in Fukuoka, Japan. It features a warm, yet minimalist interior design offering about 2,561 square feet of living spaces to its residents. It was designed by Architect Showa studio whose name you might recognize from their iconic M4 House project in Nagasaki, Japan.

N10-house 「House with View Terrace」 is located in a highly dense residential area in the central part of Fukuoka City. This residence design aims to provide a refreshed and contemporary setting for a couple with two teenage sons. The design endeavors to create a harmonious and a lively environment for each of the family members. Like, an another entrance is provided that directly leads to husband’s bedroom as he back home late, likewise, a shower area is provided for boys as they can be refreshed when back from basketball training, and wife’s bedroom is located in the second floor in such a way that supports her to perform chores comfortably.

Another significant aspect of this contemporary house is the integration with some Japanese design elements. As Japanese always have intimate relationship with nature, we have allocated a greenery space just in front of entrance hall. When one enters the double-height entrance hall, he can feel close to the nature. Another Japanese element we have provided in this house is Tatami mats in Japanese room which have been so integral to Japanese homes.

The large windows towards terrace provide sufficient day light, airflow and great sense of transparency to the entire second floor living space. The boards of red cedar on the ceiling of interior space present spacious and warm feelings. The red cedar wall in the entrance hall which supports the cantilevered stairs offer a warm and welcoming ambience, together with indirect lighting comes from bottom part of the handrail. Further the play with wall finishing and floor finishing has added delectation to the interior mood. The FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) grating is selected for the rear side of the terrace flooring to deliver the light from the second floor to the first floor and also it led penetrate rainwater which not only nourishes greenery below but also gives enchanting view while watching by sitting in Japanese room.

The tempered glass wall in the second floor facing double height entrance hall provides opportunity to connect with nature, sufficient natural light, and sense of openness. In addition, the cross pattern indirect lighting on the ceiling runs through the wall down to the floor, together with the indirect lighting of kitchen counter, creating the overall mood and modern ambience of the kitchen dining room. Terrace balcony that connected directly to the living and dining is delivering sense of openness and bring in the potential view of surrounding environment to the interior space of the house.

As Japan is an earthquake vulnerable country, it is enormously challenging to construct wooden building in terms of greater spans. The spacious balcony space (projected 2 meter away from the inner wall) in this building is successfully dealt by applying the rigid surface method; otherwise it is not possible with ordinary wooden structures. Tile cladding at the entrance wall, red cedar finishing on the extended wall and a white color finish to the parapet and wall it delivers a modern design with sense of three-dimensionality.

Architect Show


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