M4 House by Architect Show in Nagasaki, Japan

Project: M4 House
Architects: Architect Show
Location: Higashisonogi District, Nagasaki, Japan
Area: 1,291 sq ft
Photographs by: Toshihisa Ishii

M4 House by Architect Show

The M4 House is located in a quiet district of the Nagasaki prefecture in Japan. It was designed by Architect Show as a rhythmic series of volumes which create a private, and secure environment. The volumes form a garage and an upper story with bedrooms and several overhangs that add to the musicality of the design. The ground level is designed as an open plan that creates an expansive volume for social functions.
The sense of security is emphasized by the solid white walls that complete the facade while the wooden cladding continues outside to emphasize the entryway and the private areas.

From the architects: “M4-house [overlapping house] was built in silent countryside of Higashisonogi in Nagazaki .
My concept of M4-house is: protecting privacy and security; creating a happy and safe space for family; making full use of site.
Appearance has four differences in level sense of rhythm by pasting red cedar to black frames. And it makes people feel warm and friendly by harmonizing architecture and surrounding environment.
To make full use of site, I make parking space for bicycles and cars as a whole without using conventional fences and carport. I design a large courtyard to bring sunshine and wind into interior. I planted trees in the courtyard to make balcony terrace a whole with courtyard and protect the privacy. Also the family can feel the changes of season in living & dining room.
Colonnades of red cedar give a sense of rhythm to living & dining room. In day time, the sunlight going through leaves from atrium makes living & dining room very friendly and harmony. In night, I used indirect light in handrail of stars to make the space beautiful and kindly.
It makes living & dining room and the whole house bigger because the outer wall of ceiling was pasted red cedar. By this design, it also makes architecture, courtyard, family and surrounding environment in harmony with each other.”


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