Modern Hotel, Carpathians, Skhidnytsia

The modern design hotel elements of ethnic style and mysterious geometric shapes Hotel is located in the Carpathians and the doors are always open for tourists from different countries, the design of the hotel includes some elements of folk decoration, to show the beauty and tradition of our nation.

The hotel is not only comfortable, but also brings aesthetic pleasure. The hotel’s design carefully thought out, because fashion trends combined with practicality, and it is important for guests.

Reception is the “face” and the hallmark of any hotel. It must be very comfortable and attractive. Stand – the main element of this area. Reception area is designed not only for visitors but also for the employees of the hotel, it is equipped with everything you need. Reception made in bright colors, immediately feel the order and elegance, and it talks about the status of the hotel. At the reception doors and walls use a geometric pattern. These details seem not very important, but they can play a huge role in the desire to return again. Make typical accents in the interior always help correct lighting.

“Warm” colors make the hotel a cozy and friendly. Wherever you are, in a restaurant or at the reception desk, or even in the hallway, everywhere is lovely and nice lighting. Large windows let daylight in the form of arches and glass dome. Suspended chandelier with lots of transparent decorative elements simply mesmerizing. In the restaurant involved wooden elements that are stylized folk architecture. The floor is covered with a circular pattern of embroidery. Tables and chairs are made in light pastel colors, but do not merge visually , because on the edges of chairs used ebony. It looks quite stylish. As a result, a combination of modern interior elements of stylized folk motifs, so the design of the hotel will enjoy a modern lovers and lovers of the classics.


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