Aquavillas Aparthotel by Babayants Architects in Gagra, Abkhazia

Project: Aquavillas Aparthotel
Architects: Babayants Architects
Location: Gagra, Abkhazia
Area: 46,284 sf
Photographs by: Courtesy of Babayants Architects

Aquavillas Aparthotel by Babayants Architects

The award-winning architectural bureau Babayants Architects designed an aparthotel located on the seashore in Gagra, Abkhazia.


The customer, who is the owner of the Aquamarine Gagra hotel, , purchased a neighboring rectangular plot of land. This plot is adjacent to the existing hotel on the north side and extends along the sea at the back. The architects were tasked with designing a complex consisting of 3 to 6 floors of hotel-type apartments. In total, there would be 36 to 42 apartments of three different categories, all with sea views.

On the 2nd and 3rd floors, there are one-bedroom suits of 35 to 45 sq. m. for 4 people. On the fourth floor, there are two-bedroom suites with an area of 50-60 sq. m. for 6 guests, and on the top floor, there are three-bedroom suites with an area of 65-80 sq. m for 8 guests. Each apartment on the top floor has access to a private pool. This arrangement determined the shape of the building: the recognizable form of Aquavillas is resulted from function.

An aparthotel combines the functions of a hotel with investment potential. The apartments can be purchased as private property for summer housing by the sea or rented for vacation.


Aquavillas is situated in a unique natural location, offering stunning views of the sea and mountains.  The picturesque seascape inspired the architectural design, which is permeable, light, and open to the sea.

The deep terraces, shaped as if sculpted by the wind, create a distinctive silhouette and add depth to the architectural design. These terraces serve as transitional spaces between the interior and exterior, and are perfect for relaxing in the summer, providing warmth, shade from the sun, and a gentle breeze.

The project features a natural color scheme and is dominated by materials such as plaster, wood, and glass. The use of wooden elements adds a friendly and cozy feel to the apart-hotel’s architecture. The large glass windows reflect the project’s main principle of permeability, while the textured plaster adds visual interest. The central part of the apart-hotel is designed to be as transparent as possible, allowing a clear view through the lobby to the garden and the sea.


Upon arrival at the apart-hotel, guests are welcomed by a two-story hall featuring a reception area and a lounge for relaxation and waiting. The first floor accommodates various commercial amenities such as cafes, boutiques, and a fitness room. Additionally, there are plans for a pond surrounded by a natural moat and a landscaped park with palm trees, cypresses, banana trees, bamboos, and eucalyptus trees.

-Project description and images provided by Babayants Architects



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