MF House by Estudio V2 Arquitectos in La Plata, Argentina

Project: MF House
Architects: Estudio V2 Arquitectos
Location: La Plata, Argentina
Area: 3,659 sf
Photographs by: Courtesy of Estudio V2 Arquitectos

MF House by Estudio V2 Arquitectos

The MF House is a stunning contemporary dwelling located on a large plot amidst a leafy ash forest in La Plata, Argentina. Designed by Estudio V2 Arquitectosthis two-story home is strongly connected to the beautiful nature that surrounds it through large openings in its minimalist interior.

The Single Family Home is located in a closed neighborhood of City Bell, on a plot of 900m2 with a leafy ash forest. The intention is to conserve most of the trees and generate spaces for expansion and larges visuals.
The project is based on three specific premises: spatial flexibility, large environments and a fluid relationship with the outside.

The morphological conformation of the house is given by a large prism of concrete seen of 13 m X 13 m, suspended in the air that contains the private areas of the house. To delimit internally the different areas we use mobile and flexible panels, generating storage modules, creating a flexible and adaptable floor to the needs of each stage.

The social activities of the house are developed on the ground floor in a single inside space, maintaining a fluid relationship with the outside generated by the continuity of concrete slab, which is projected from the inside to the galleries, officiating as sunscreens, this inside-outside spatial continuity is supported by a linear container module covered in wood, which contains big storage spaces.

The possibility of hiding windows in the walls and the power to generate a unique inside-outside open space allows duplicating the using area of the house.
The boards of the formwork used for the execution of the walls of concrete seen were reused with the Japanese technique of carbonization of the wood, employed to cover the south surface of the house and isolating it from the adverse climatic conditions.

The supporting structure is hidden and backward, emphasizing the suspension of the prism. Wood, glass and concrete, materialize the totality of the spaces and offer through their texture a fluid harmony with the environment.

The landscaping was planned from the beginning of the architectural project, creating a communication with the existing and generating a direct relationship with the environment, always taking as a premise the climatic variables of the inside spaces, transition and exterior spaces. The vegetation and the containment of different spaces were used, giving rise to an aesthetic characteristic of each site, generating a link between people and outside space.

Estudio V2 Arquitectos


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