Madhuvilla – The Concrete House by K.N. Associates in Vadodara, India

Project: Madhuvilla – The Concrete House
K.N. Associates
Vadodara, India
20,270 sf
Year: 2022
Photographs by:
Tejas Shah

Madhuvilla – The Concrete House by K.N. Associates

Madhuvilla, also known as the Concrete House, designed by K.N.Associates, is a stunning example of concrete architecture located in Vadodara, India. Embracing the raw beauty of exposed concrete, the house showcases monolithic elements and unique patterns set on exposed RCC, creating a sense of fluidity throughout the structure. The design takes advantage of large glass openings that connect the interior spaces to the surrounding gardens, creating a seamless connection with nature. The villa features high ceilings, exposed RCC walls, and landscaped gardens, combining old and new aesthetic elements in a tasteful fusion. The staircase stands out as a focal point, with its single RCC flight structure and circular design, complemented by a beautiful skylight chandelier. Madhuvilla sets a new benchmark in concrete architecture, offering a stylish and versatile living space in harmony with its surroundings.

Embracing the charm of concrete monolithic elements and unique patterns set on exposed RCC with the concept of fluidity throughout the structure. The sense of raw brutalism of exposed concrete has garnered huge attention in the global design industry. Raw materials like concrete, steel, and architectural glass evoke effortless charm, something that people from the top tier are taking note of. Concrete homes have fast emerged as stylish, practical, and versatile housing solutions that can adapt to different landscapes and settings.

Setting a new benchmark in concrete structures is our MadhuVilla – the Concrete House! It is a 20,040 sq. ft. house located in Vadodara (Gujarat) that creates peace of mind through its stillness. Huge glass openings connect the front elevation to the front garden & backside areas to the corresponding garden to create a transcendental continuous green expanse. Subtle landscapes add nuance to the interior design.

Exterior – The project reflects a tasteful fusion of old and new aesthetic elements so that the resulting environment is truly unique. The villa’s innate characteristics are brought to life by opening up its large floor plan—high ceilings; exposed RCC walls, patterned RCC walls, and landscaped gardens. Located in a flood-prone zone, this private villa is constructed on a raised plinth. Additionally, raised plinth also helps in maintaining the privacy of the villa.

A large glass fenestration allows light to filter through the layout, drawing attention to unfinished surfaces. The zoning and layout are shuffled in the villa in such a manner that whenever and wherever one sits the expanse of green vistas should not be missed. The ground floor of the building is a massive parking lot. A post-tension structure is used to avoid columns up to 50 feet wide. A pergola set in an open grid design offers a dreamy entrance pathway to the villa. The entrance on the first floor with beautiful steps and a landscape on the sideway is adorned with distinctive circular cutouts with murals by Avinash Gondaliya.

Staircase – It is the staircase that epitomizes why this villa is a step above the rest in its interior design. The staircase is the main element of the house – both structurally and aesthetically. It’s a single RCC flight structure without any external support. The circular staircase of exposed RCC is one of the first things you will notice when you enter this house. The passage with green Kota flooring and a multi-color Kota pattern enhances the beauty of this space. The pattern is designed in a way it sets a visual connection with the exposed RCC patterns throughout the house. The metal screen between the stair cabin and family seating is a beautiful addition to the space.

It creates a sense of privacy, while still allowing for an open-air feel. A simple wooden tread and metal & wooden railing on either side of the staircase is turned up by a “wow” factor with its gorgeous centralized Skylight chandelier by Kaanch – Hemanshi Patwa Shah.

K.N. Associates


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