Loma Sagrada House by Salagnac Arquitectos in Nosara, Costa Rica

Project: Loma Sagrada House
Architects: Salagnac Arquitectos
Nosara, Costa Rica
12.916 sf
Year: 2023
Photographs by:
Andres Garcia Lachner

Loma Sagrada House by Salagnac Arquitectos

Loma Sagrada House is a regenerative project on previously degraded land, prioritizing minimal earth movement and eco-friendly practices. The triangular structure, using plantation-grown wood, ensures efficiency and harmony with the landscape. Eco-friendly features include natural ventilation, solar protection, and water reuse. Loma Sagrada exemplifies sustainable development, showcasing positive integration with nature and prioritizing human well-being.

Loma Sagrada House transformed from a livestock-ravaged land to a regenerative construction project. This initiative uniquely improved the land, contrasting typical construction sites that often harm the environment. The construction preserved the soil integrity using minimal earth movement and pile work, enabling quick natural regeneration around the buildings. The project comprises several eco-friendly structures, with the main building perched on the southern hillside, shielded from harsh summer winds. A microclimate on the protected side, rich with vegetation, naturally moderates the building’s internal temperature.

The design utilizes the 35-degree slope, forming a triangular structure that minimizes foundation impact and enhances efficiency with its 100% wooden construction. At the hill’s summit, the public area offers panoramic views and houses amenities like a pool, yoga room, and kitchenette, all following the main building’s wooden, modular design. The landscape merges with permaculture areas and wildlife-attracting plants, illustrating a seamless blend with nature.

The project predominantly uses plantation-grown wood (over 95%), reducing CO2 emissions and supporting Costa Rica’s environmental objectives. This construction approach is both eco-friendly and beneficial for human health, avoiding electromagnetic radiation and creating a comforting atmosphere. Natural stone is used in moisture-prone areas, with minimal reliance on industrial materials.

Innovations include natural ventilation, solar protection, advanced wiring for electromagnetic shielding, flicker-free lighting, water reuse, solar energy systems, and safe water purification for both human use and a chemical-free pool.

Loma Sagrada stands as a testament to sustainable development, harmonizing environmental conservation with human well-being. It exemplifies how construction can positively integrate with and enhance the natural surroundings.

Salagnac Arquitectos


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