Keys To Make Your Bathroom More Sustainable And Yet Stylish

To reduce water consumption, it is essential to find a balance between products that reduce the flow, without the user not noticing a loss of comfort. In this sense, the most optimal is to reduce the flow to 5 liters per minute. When the user talks about a lack of pressure in the shower, he really tends to express that he does not have enough flow. At this point, the manufacturer’s technology comes in to achieve that with less water, the sensations are the same, and it does not have to make a “usual” tap more expensive.

Products with specific treatments to save on cleaning and increase durability

To be sustainable, we must choose products that we know will have great durability and that we will not have to change them soon after. In addition to their durability, these products must also include technologies focused on savings or with specific treatments such as anti-limescale or bacterial. These types of treatments facilitate the cleaning of the products and increase their durability.

A water heater neither too far nor too hot

To have a bathroom (and a sustainable home), the heater should not be too far from the bathtub or shower to avoid heat loss. This is how the experts at Jacob Delafon explain it to us.

Regarding the ideal temperature that a water heater should have, it should range between 50-60ΒΊ. A temperature more than enough for the shower, according to the experts. In fact, from this temperature, there is a greater risk of developing bacteria, apart from the fact that energy is used unnecessarily and problems with lime increase.

The toilets, better with double flush

Choosing one or another type of flush in the toilets should not be a source of investment or greatly disrupt the budget of your bathroom, however, it is a mistake not to pay attention to it, and more if we are looking for savings.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

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