Kenna Design: Datang Gong Cha Vipusea Hotel, Reshaping the Contemporary Tang Style

Project: Changxing Datang Gong Cha Vipusea Hotel
Architects: Hangzhou Kenna Interior Design Co., Ltd.
Location: Huzhou, China
Area: 139,930 sf
Photographs by: Tupai Photography

Datang Gong Cha Vipusea Hotel by Kenna Design

Ride a white deer to visit the mountain, go by boat in the early morning.

Drink tea and forget this mortal life, how leisurely and relaxed this place is!

Characterized by overhanging structure with a balanced and symmetrical scale, as if walking in the streets of the Tang Dynasty, the modern curtain forms the palette, and the cultural memory of the prosperous dynasty has been quietly transformed and unfolded in a contemporary project. Changxing Datang Gong Cha Vipusea Hotel is located in the scenic Gong Cha Town, Changxing County, Huzhou City, which is well known for its tea culture. Kenna Design has created a complete interior space for it.

The interior design reshapes the exquisiteness of the modern Tang style, integrates the boundaries of tradition and modernity elegantly and appropriately, and presents a unique and far-reaching contemporary lifestyle with an oriental aesthetic of order.

Turning the past into the present, there is an auspicious omen

Etiquette comes from human nature and meets the needs of life.

The phoenix likes the water and the sun, which is called auspiciousness.

Since ancient times, China has inherited the tradition of establishing space order with the ritual system, affecting people’s behavior through atmosphere creation, transforming moral values into aesthetic awareness, and integrating them into daily life and customs. Etiquette and the phoenix are the presentations of oriental imagery and hospitality, which are simple, subtle, sublime, and profound.

The space level is unfolded in a ceremony form constructed by the “door”, which is a new modeling language deconstructed and reorganized from traditional architectural elements. Stepping to the lobby and passing through the moon gate, the high and deep space has a restrained and magnificent style of the Tang dynasty with regular rituals and silent spirit.

It is not limited to the grafting of traditional elements or the interpretation of symbols, but returns to the spiritual core of tradition, integrates with the present lifestyle, interprets the past like inheritors, and reshapes it with modern etiquette.

With the phoenix flying up high, the banquet hall reveals the unadorned and noble spirit in a magnificent way, outlining the blessings to the guests and the yearning for beauty in the delicate and lush details.

Just like the ancients using graceful and restrained colors, the overall space has an ink-black and ochre palette, decorated by mineral green, phthalo blue, vermilion, and gamboge, showcasing the ancient oriental colors. These colors give the space a rhythm, inviting visitors to travel deep through hidden and narrow corridors.

Tea with dragon and phoenix patterns, a cordial hospitality

Following the rocks and walking into the bamboo forest, the vermilion background glows with a gamboge halation, as if going through a tunnel of historical time and space, where the epitome of culture is vaguely expressed in the details. There are many openings in the courtyard to form a transparent flow between the courtyards. The transition of each independent space is full of the beauty of the natural artistic conception, in which the interior contrasts and blends with the outdoor scenery.

The refurbishment of the restaurant is based on the brick structure of the building, which extends the traditional wooden structure, responding to the sloping roof rhythm with natural wood and rattan texture.

Against the backdrop of hidden lights, the double-height display racks form a well-proportioned rhythmic order with the ceiling structure. Grey decorative walls and furniture create a low-key and warm conversation atmosphere.

The circular window sash and continuous grilles open up different perspectives, guiding diners to travel in the painting, making the orderly dining experience full of vitality.

When the potted plants outside the private room come into view, they matched with the gray walls and brown doorposts to create a quiet and elegant dining atmosphere. The extroverted life is connected with the lively changes of the four seasons, while the introverted mind adheres to calmness and consistency.

When the night falls, the overlapping corridor becomes a part of the painting, where the distant mountains and ancient pine trees create a mysterious and dark Chinese painting. Taking serenity and elegance as the main thread through a modern design method, the design has released the nature of this Chinese-style courtyard, which is quiet, leisurely, and comfortable.

The phoenix perched on the phoenix tree, hidden under the eaves

At night, the warm golden light pours down from the roof, as if the space is breathing. Entering the private guest room, the layout is infiltrated with the landscape. The contemporary scale and materials create a new space character. The simplicity and elegance of the guest rooms form a sharp contrast with the splendor of the building, evoking people’s perception of a quiet life.

With clear layers everywhere, the most authentic appearance of the hotel is presented through structure, texture, and lighting, and it is just right to achieve a space experience that combines emotion and scenery, presenting a life of inaction that is integrated with nature.

Concise lines, high-quality materials, and artistic decoration all express the essence of space with low-key design. In addition to rest, the space is full of surprises, like a beating pulse with endless life.

The wood-colored frame under the lamp builds the social focus, and the earth-colored furnishings are embellished with phthalo blue, creating a delicate and multi-dimensional touch in a painstaking design.

The floor-to-ceiling windows are wide and open, making it possible to enjoy the world without leaving there, and the charm naturally connects the past and the present.

Wood and marble are combined in the bathroom which incorporates Chinese-style delicacy and feelings. It inherits a unified style and quality in shape, showing the natural integration of vision and texture. When night falls, the space rhythm and artistic conception are enriched, and the shimmering light constructs the experience and sincere praise of the beauty in life.

Under the balanced arrangement of Kenna Design, the classical order is inherited and integrated with the new knowledge of the times in an orderly manner, and the users and scenes in the hotel are overlapped and changed gradually, shaping the ancient charm that can be explored all year round. The design makes a hotel full of ancient charms rejuvenated, conveying the spirit of contemporary life.

-Project description and images provided by ZZ Media


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