Interior Design Trends That Are Making Waves

2015 has been an interesting year so far. As Australia braces itself for the Spring and summer months ahead, home lodgers across the country are faced with their time to do some ‘Spring cleaning’ and to revamp their home for the warmer months of the year. Interior design has been a hot topic in 2015. The media has promoted several ordinary Australians in their homes or on their home projects that have blown away the minds for what people can do inside their home. In a bid to empower Australians that are seeking to make a positive change in their homes, we are sharing some of the popular interior design trends that are making waves across the web.

Rustic furniture and design

interior-design-1Achieving a more vintage look in your home can add a ‘classic touch’ to your home. You can easily add a more rustic look by adding rustic furniture to the home. There are several options that are made from recycled timber that can easily add the characteristic rustic look to your home.


Themes that align with the ocean and seas can add a gentle touch of beauty to the home. Adding in subtle aquatic motifs to the interior add a watery and sense of calm to the room. A smooth colour scheme can create a nice atmosphere and facilitate a feeling of escape.

Metal designs

Earlier in 2015, the Source for the year based on the opinions of twenty interior design professionals. The popular metal theme has been the warming of mixed metals such as copper and rose gold. The combinations of the warm metals are meant to add a greater dimension and richness to a room.

Bold patterns and prints.

The use of bold patterns and prints has made a strong comeback in 2015. From the use of hues to bold bright colours and prints on walls and accessory items has been more popular in 2015. Patterns that are used on wallpapers or that are used for layering textures that are adding an unexpected vibrancy to the rooms.

Bringing the outdoors inside.

The natural elements are a favourite. Bringing elements of the outdoors into your home changes the energy in your home and creates a sense of calm and inner peace. This can easily be achieved by exposing the home to the natural elements such as the sky, the Earth, water and other outdoor elements. Some ways to achieve this include:

  • Bringing plants inside the home.
  • Using natural flooring.
  • Letting in natural light through large windows and skylights.
  • Allowing air to flow through the home freely.
  • Exposing your home’s windows to lovely views.

Using glass shower doors

If you are looking to add another touch of elegance to your home and to the bathroom, using nicely polished and designed shower doors can do the trick. The can add the bling factor to the bathroom as well as transform a closed bathroom into a more open and airy space.

Let the lighting set the mood.

The ambiance and aesthetics of the room will ultimately be determined by the amount of light that comes in. Avoid dark areas in rooms by letting in as much light as possible through the windows. If this isn’t possible, you may need to consider other lighting options such as skylight, Velux or wider window installations. Alternatively, adding lamps or additional LED lighting can help to add to the ‘glow’ and feel good vibe that you desire for the room.

The different concepts that have been presented scratch the surface of possibility to gain a fresh look for your home. Follow the trends and get inspired to design a trendy modern look in your home today!


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