Inspirations to follow to create a real sleeping area in a studio

Do you know the saying “Everything small is cute”? On the nice side, the studio offers, but from a functional point of view, it sometimes leaves something to be desired. In a 17mΒ², 20mΒ² or 25mΒ² studio – or even larger for the lucky ones – the same refrain always comes up when it comes to furnishing this small space: How do you create a sleeping area in a studio? How do you bring the sleeping area and the lounge area together? We answer all these questions.

How to create a bedroom in a studio?

When investing in a studio for rent or purchase, you always have to face this dilemma: combining aesthetics and practicality to create a bedroom in a small space. To solve this problem, there are as many development solutions as possible budgets. In the case of a studio renovation, an interior designer can be called in to envision a sleeping area in a suspended space in the mezzanine version or hidden in a platform or custom-made piece of furniture with a trundle bed.

To compose a sleeping area in a studio, you must first analyze your space needs to define a larger space for the sleeping area, kitchen, living room or office. For a studio that can accommodate a sleeping area in addition to a lounge area, you usually have to be content with the bare essentials, starting with a small double bed 140 x 190 cm, shelves freely hung upstairs as a bedside table and storage space made to measure Why not above the headboard or under the bed with a bed with drawers?

How do you hide a bed in a studio?

Delineating and hiding a sleeping area in a studio is one of the top priorities when designing that space. If the intervention of an architect makes it possible to optimally structure the sleeping areas, the living room and the kitchen with significant works such as a mezzanine, a glass roof or a platform with built-in storage, there are decorative solutions that are more economical. A removable partition, a decorative screen, a thick curtain or a piece of furniture can be incorporated to create the appearance of two rooms in one studio.

Discover in pictures practical and decorative solutions to design a bedroom in a studio.









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Author: Renata Kralevska


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