In Paris, 32m² optimized for a delightful family down to earth living

It’s a story often heard and sometimes envied: tired of Parisian life after successive episodes of confinement, a family decides to succumb to the call of the country to spend happy days sheltered from the tumult of Parisian life. But leaving the capital permanently isn’t easy, so the couple with children plan to entertain a little pied-à-Terre to continue enjoying the city’s charms on occasion. Their real estate search leads them to the discovery of a two-room apartment without scale, in which they nevertheless distinguish all the assets necessary for their Parisian escapades.

A completely restructured entrance

Typically Parisian, this small apartment presented a plan like so many in the 1960s capital. A mini corridor served small spaces such as a living room, a bedroom and shower rooms, a kitchen, and a toilet and was combined into one.

The architect’s mission was to make the whole thing more fluid, completely rewriting the history of the place to make it more contemporary and adapt to the new owners’ Parisian getaways. The renovation starts at the entrance where the entrance area has been preserved but completely remodelled.

A sleeping area nestled on a platform and hidden by curtains

Every corner of the large living room is organized by use…. like in a boat! Particularly visible inspiration in the design of the sleeping area. “The goal was to be able to isolate a ‘parent’ sleeping area without suffocating the space too much when the family gets together,” explains the architect. Installed in a corner of the room, with a theatrical red curtain, the large bed is like a playful and practical small cabin in the image of the place.

A linear walnut kitchen surrounded by clever cupboards

In addition to the sleeping area, the kitchen area occupies an entire section of the wall. Completely new, this layout proves relevant in terms of space saving… and storage. Entirely made to measure to exploit every corner of the space, it contrasts with the resolutely luminous character of the spaces to give them a trendy and elegant aura, favouring walnut facades to draw a design insert. It is surrounded by cupboards in cream tones that harmonize with the rest of the furnishings.

A tailor-made and comfortable dining room

Not because the main room has an area worthy of a studio, it ignores the convivial good symbolized by the dining room. Small but efficient, the dining area designed by Camille Hermand relies on simple lines that unfold their full effect.

A long bathroom

Located behind the wall to the dining room, the bathroom now benefits from an additional 2.5 m². The water feature has benefited from the restoration of the finish of the old kitchen. Extra square footage, which is welcome when the whole family is in the apartment.

The architect designed a long bathroom that takes advantage of the outside light with a tall window at the end of the room. Natural light is aided by the choice of celadon green tiles placed throughout the wall base and an overall look for the shower area that encourages a sense of separation in the space.


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