Ideas Of String Bathroom Sets You’ll Want To Implement

Nowadays it is very easy to find bathroom string sets to sell, but if you prefer, you can take a chance to do it yourself, after all, there are plenty of videos, tutorials, and tips to help you in this process.

People here also give you a helping hand. In this post, you will find practical tips, tutorials, and inspirations to make the bathroom set of string dreams. Let’s check?

How many pieces does a string bathroom set have?

No rule determines the exact pieces that a bathroom set should have. But, by default, three pieces are generally used:

  • Sink rug
  • Vase rug
  • Vase top

In addition to these three pieces, it is possible to add others, such as the attached box cover, the toilet paper holder, as well as baskets and supports, for example.

But all of this is at your discretion since you can choose only the parts you deem necessary.

String bathroom set: materials needed

The technique used to make the bathroom set of strings is crochet and as you might imagine, crochet is not demanding in the list of materials.

Only two things are important: thread and needle. However, making the right choice of these two items is what will guarantee the success of your endeavor in the world of crochet.

So take note of the tips below:

How to choose the string line

There are several types of string lines available on the market. For making the bathroom set, the most recommended are the lines numbered between 6 and 8, which in addition to being firmer and more resistant, are still soft and comfortable to the touch.

You still have the possibility to choose the color and type of finish of the yarn. The most popular are those of raw string. Easy to match any decorating style, the raw string still gives the environment a slightly rustic look.

But if the intention is to create something more colorful and cheerful, then you can bet on the colored string. And here the imagination is the limit since there are hundreds of different colors to choose from and that can still be combined, forming different designs and shapes in the set.

Another very popular option is a blended string. Just like the colored ones, the mixed string plays with the possibilities of bringing color to the bathroom set, but with the difference of the colors being previously combined.

Finally, you still have the option of twine with shine and twine with hair. Both give a different aesthetic to the set. While one brings points of brightness wrapped in the line itself, the other presents little hairs that give an even softer and more comfortable texture for the bathroom game.

Check out the following beautiful string bathroom ideas below and get inspired to do it too!











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