How To Modernize The Living Room In Less Than An Hour

Rejuvenating your salon is easier than you think. We help you to make it handsome, painterly, and super modern in less than 60 minutes. Do you accept the challenge?

Paint the walls, in 60 minutes

Does your living room need extra light? Paint it! Choose a neutral color, white, beige, or gray, and you will see how you notice it is more resplendent and clean! Remember that every 4 or 5 years you must repeat this operation to keep the walls in good condition. Whether you are the one who paints or you go to a professional, in an hour your living room will be like new. The interior designer Paula Duarte chose a soft gray in this room.

Put laminate flooring, in 55 minutes

If your parquet is very deteriorated or you want to replace ceramic tiles with warmer flooring, laminate floors allow you to do it without doing any work. You simply place it over the old one and you can release it instantly! In addition to its ease of installation, you have a lot of finishes to choose from. Of course, opt for brighter light tones, as the interior designer did here.

Protect your sofa with covers, in 20 minutes

Have you just got a new sofa and want to keep the upholstery intact for years? The best thing is that you get some sofa covers to protect it. Choose fabrics with long-suffering colors, especially if you have children or pets at home, as the architect and interior designer did in these sofas. Placing the covers perfectly will only take you 20 minutes, and even a little less if they are made to measure.

Improvise a workspace, in 2 minutes

Modern rooms are those that allow multiple activities to be carried out in them. Do you want to dedicate a space to a work corner? Look how easy. Take advantage of a lower strip of the bookcase to turn it into a work surface. Move a chair from the dining room and voila! This is how the interior designer conceived this makeshift desk. It only takes a couple of minutes to make it appear… or disappear.

Decorate with pictures, in 10 minutes

Decorating the room with works of art is always enriching. You can put one or two well-centered pictures on the sofa, as the interior designers have done here. They have opted for a couple of abstract canvases whose tones harmonize with the sofa. You will be able to modernize your living room in just ten minutes. A time that you will reduce if instead of fixing them to the wall, you lean them on the backrest.

Get your wool rug back, in 18 minutes

Yes, that’s how long it will take to get the clean rug from the dry cleaner to your house. And the one that you will use to extend it in the living room, once you have removed the summer one. What a pleasure it will give you to put your bare feet on her again! Thus, clean seems another. Don’t you notice the brightest colors and your living room younger?

Hang linen curtains on the windows, in 25 minutes

It is true that, when decorating the living room, we pay little attention to the curtains. If this is your case, change the chip! Hanging from the windows is a linen pair with spectacular drapes and neutral colors. How are you with which the interior designer has modernized the room?

Replace the cushion covers, in 8 minutes

The textiles in the living room give a lot of play. As soon as you suspect the change of season, change the cushion covers. Choose cooler fabrics in summer (linen and cotton) or warmer, in winter (wool and fur) and you will show that your salon is up to date! In just ten minutes, sofas and armchairs will adapt like a glove to the outside temperature. Look at the colorful covers that the interior designer has chosen!


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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